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Who says Omarosa is all business all the time. Yep, home girl can throw down on the dance floor with the best of them.

She proved that the last Friday night. We guess she just had to take some time out celebrate her Trump dirty laundry book, Unhinged topping the NY Times best seller chart.

Yep, the former White House insider took her foot out the orange a-hole’s poop shute to do some serious getting’ down at the Daiquiri Shoppe in Grand Prairie, TX Friday night — a restaurant that apparently doubles for a pop-up nightclub come 9 o’clock or so … ’cause ’cause as you can see, it was on and poppin’ for O and a bunch of other folks.

You see her singing and getting her groove on to Nelly’s “Hot in Here” with her friends. Eyewitnesses say and the gang were celebrating a friend’s birthday … and were mostly left alone as they did their collective thing.

As we said up top, her tell-all book, Unhinged, sits at the top of the NYT’s best-seller list for non-fiction, and is doing well on Amazon’s book chart, too.

In other Omarosa news, if you missed our report over the weekend …

Omarosa is using the “r” word against someone in the White House again and surprise, it’s isn’t the orange a-hole, this time. Manigualt-Newman was on MSNBC’s AM Joy this morning and went at White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

The now best-selling author of Unhinged accused him of being a racist and said she believes he fired her because she brought up the rumored tape of the president using the N-word.

“Do you think John Kelly’s racist?” Reid asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Omarosa immediately replied. “I mean, John Kelly thought the Civil War was about compromise. It wasn’t about compromise, General John Kelly, it was about slavery.”

Omarosa added that she believes that Kelly fired her because “somehow he knew that she knew there was an N-word tape from Donald Trump’s Apprentice days.”

She also said there is an email chain that will be revealed showing a discussion of the tape, with former White House Communications staffer Hope Hicks saying the “story has been contained.”

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6 thoughts on “Omarosa Takes Time Off From Selling Books To Party In Texas! [Video]

      • Oh yeah like that video of Cohen boarding Trump’s plane? wow that’s a real bombshell
        I hope your health insurance will cover your TDS, CNN and MSNBC can’t seem to get it right ether

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