Inside Her Story: School Targeted Girls Of Color


Last week a heartbreaking video began to circulate the web of a little girl, named Faith, crying after being sent home from school because of her braids.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Montrelle Fennidy, 11-year-old Faith’s mother, who says that her daughter is having a difficult time.

Faith was sent home from Christ The King School in Louisiana after her braids were deemed an “unnatural” hairstyle. 

Fennidy said when she arrived at the school to pick her daughter up officials explained that,”Faith could only have her natural hair and could not have any fake hair.”

When she asked how they knew that her child had extensions in her hair, the school official responded, “we don’t.” According to Fennidy people at the school went through photos and old yearbooks to come to this conclusion.

Faith is unfortunately not the only girl who was sent home from the school because of a hairstyle. Both girls have wanted to go back to school but, “parents want to sit down with the schools, look them in the eye and have them tell them that their kids will be okay,” said attorney James Williams who represents both families.

They have a meeting with the school today and have looked at other options just in case it doesn’t go their way. The families have looked at homeschooling and other area schools that are able to welcome the girls with open arms.

Stories Of Racism And Discrimination In 2018
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13 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: School Targeted Girls Of Color

  1. Justbeingme on said:

    its a big difference when the white child is sent home because of the colors they put in there hair. even though its not right eiither but we are talking about a childs natutral hair. we are black we have different texture of hair. why should we change ot change our childs natiural hair to fit them and there so called rules. where is the rules for them. there are none.

  2. Justbeingme on said:

    there should be no policy like this in schools period chiildren go to school for and education. you should not be denied and education because of how your hair looks. if we keep allowing these types of injustices then they will make up other policies thats not right. our ancester and some of our great leaders have fought for our right for an education. so i dont agree with there policies. white people can go anywhere and work and go to school anywhere and there is never and issue. why cant we have the same priveliges.

  3. Nestor Phillips on said:

    It’s not just black girls. White girls are being sent home from schools because their hair is a different color or style.They’re teaching sex education to kindergartners, BABIES.Our children are being Indoctrinated into liberal socialism.Hollywood and polititians demands Invasion of America because they want free Slavery, no taxes, no welfare. If a liberal wins in November welfare will pay for their Slavery and nobody else. They get free maids, nanny’s, gardners, cooks, limo drivers.Have they tried to help in inner cities where people are’nt rich ? Normal neighborhoods ? Everyone of us will be slaves to a Foreign master who they give America to.Ask what socialism Really Is.Your children will be there’s !

  4. Am I missing something?! I listened to the interview and read the summary twice. School policy?? WHY is the school making an issue of the girls’ hair? Who are they to judge an “unnatural” hairstyle? What does hair have to do with education?! Why are little girls made to feel ashamed about their hair? Why are we (society) still debating about how a black female styles her hair? I thought we moved beyond this in the ’90s! Like I said, I must be missing a bigger picture in this story, but the bottom line is indeed if a school, especially where I’m paying tuition, is dictating how we should style a child’s hair, then obviously we need to invest our children’s education and monies somewhere else!!

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      Oftentimes I wonder if segregation would have worked out better for us as Blacks. I believe that our communities managed the village best without the input from outsiders. IMHO, the White and Black races are extremely different in culture and I truly believe that we’re trying to force a larger square peg into a smaller round hole. The intentions may be good but it’s not working.

      • I totally agree. Not enough space here to get into the huge debate of white vs. black culture. God created us Black and Beautiful to His design. In this world, people of color have always been forced to acclimate and assimilate to a dominant culture that is not ours. Yes, square pegs…. One size does not fit all!

      • Nestor Phillips on said:

        It’s not about race. It’s about liberals telling us how we can raise our children.My white child was sent home with a notice from the public school threatening to suspend her if she came to school with colored braids again.These girls just want to look pretty and it cost money. Next they’re going to tell me I have to have a certain car to bring her to school. It’s socialism. It’s happening all across American schools.T each your children not to accept Real Liberalism.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        If it’s not about race, why do you have racist republican president supporting white supremacists? How do reason through a republican party that’s unwilling to reel in a sociopath president who refuse to respect and honor a “Republican” military senator who just passed away? I could go on and on about the so called “religious right-wing” hypocrites but I’m sure you’re stuck somewhere in liberalism la la land. Please exercise your brain enough to pull your head out of the sand to see that race is one of the largest factors throughout this country.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        corrections….why do you have a racist republican president…..and How do you reason through a republican party…..

  5. Michael Middleton on said:

    I’m so thankful that we homeschooled our youngest daughter from birth to high school. It was a challenging commitment but it was all worth it. My wife and I developed and designed the curriculum to meet our daughter’s needs. We taught as much African-American studies based upon our own judgement. She did not have to compete with dress styles or letter grades. While attending college, she was exempt from freshman Math and English, and was paid on work-study to tutor her peers. She graduated from college, has great self-esteem and employed in a high paying field. If anyone and their children are compatible with homeschooling, I highly recommend it for the sake of not having to deal with an educational system designed cause them harm.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    This isn’t targeting anyone. If I pick a school for my child that let me know this nonsense was policy and I still CHOOSE to send my child there doesn’t make for responsible and smart parenting. They did NOT have to enroll their children there; but agreeing to this nonsense and then crying about it later is just as asinine as this school’s policy.

    • This so called “AA Woman” must either be ignorant, negligent or malicious… the facts as clearly stated (and if you read the more thorough reporting in the local news as I have), the school CHANGED the policy unbeknownst to the students/parents, over the summer, after the children with this hairstyle had been attending for TWO YEARS! They did not agree or even know. It its particularly significant to point out, that the courts suspended this rule – and the school immediately got rid of the rule, as soon as it was pointed out that many white students were in violation , because they too were wearing hair extensions and weaves; but they were not being punished… hmmmmm.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Well, I don’t know what you are; man, woman, transgender, black or white; but if you knew anything, parents are given a student handbook EVERY year, so they probably didn’t read it. AND the little girl was sent home more than once…i would know the policy the FIRST time my child was sent home and my child would have been IMMEDIATELY disenrolled. Make all the excuses you want; if I’m sending my kid to a school AND paying tuition then I take my business elsewhere, not whine about it after the fact.

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