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The roof of a school bus

 A video floating around Instagram is prompting outrage after a student in Gretna, Louisiana was sent home from school because of her hairstyle.

The student has a simple, pulled back and age-appropriate braided hairstyle, but was sent home because the school deemed her style “un-natural.”

School administrators said it’s school policy for students to have only “natural” hair, and that the student and her parents knew the policy before the start of school, which was last week, reports WGNO.

This was reportedly the second time the child was sent home since school started last week. According to WGNO, the mother “agreed to change her child’s hair in order to comply with the policy.”

According to WGNO, Superintendent RaeNell Billiot Houston said, “She made an appointment with a hair stylist to do so. The child had her hair re-done on Friday of last week and reported to school today.” adding, “The new hair style was still not in compliance with the new hairstyle policy. At that point the parent made the decision to remove her child from the school.”

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24 thoughts on “Louisiana Student Sent Home After Her Braids Are Deemed An ‘Un-Natural Hair Style’

  1. This is outrageous! Once again we are criticized for our natural beauty and the coiled crowns God gave us! Is this not 2018/2019??? Will we not be finally seen as equal? When will this forced self-hatred stop? because this is exactly what they are teaching. SELF-HATRED! “the way you look is unacceptable” “you MUST look this way”….excuse me????? My natural beauty is unacceptable??? NO! my natural beauty is beautiful! and this type of mindset is why our girls grow up wanting to resemble other cultures…because they were taught to hate their features.

    This is why we at Natural Hair Course NYC strive and FOCUS on educating fledging hair dressers in the beauty and proper care for natural hair! Our big afros are beautiful, and we WILL teach the next generation of professional stylists how to ACCURATELY take care of what god gave us

    • There was nothing wrong with her hair. She looked adorable. However, if you think that was her “natural” God-given coiled crown, you may be every bit as delusional as the school teacher.

  2. Jennifer N on said:

    Those of you talking fake ass weave and all that need to get a life. Stupid jealous pigs. She and anyone else can wear their hair however they like. Who are you judge considering most of you can’t even speak or spell? Are you paying for the expensive stuff? No? Then shut the fuck up. It’s pigs like you that further hate within the community. Hating on little girls hair hair? I hope your cruel and stupid asses are not procreating because you should all be sterilized. Come talk about my braids you uppity fucks. I’m your Huckleberry.

    • tedgravely on said:

      – This is not an argument or tear down of my sisters. I’m just sharing an opinion. Jealous Pig – naw! Why? Why wear weave. It isn’t your hair. It’s fake. Jealous cause it’s expensive- makes no sense. Brought at an Asian supplier; glued, sewn, or clipped onto your real hair. How can you declare Black Girl Excellence with fake hair? Extensions with yarn longer than any White, Asian, or Native American woman? Looks Ridiculous. I’m sure you’re not one who loves to toss around the phrase cultural appropriation. Is this not in reverse? Why not grow and groom your own hair. I understand you don’t care. However, it’s impacting real life. Weaves cause Black Woman long term scalp damage (read article by Crystal Martin, April 2 2018, What Black Woman Need to Know About Hair Loss). Heck by the time most BW turn 40, weave isn’t just an accessory, but a necessity. Black women go into these stores and get humiliated. All to get hair when they already have hair on their head. Now the biggest thing and it doesn’t make it right, some employers without letting you know are turned off by these hairstyles. Education or Weave? Job or Weave? Sometimes you have to choose. What did those parents teach their daughter? It’s their daughter so I can’t criticize. I’m not saying conform, but weigh the decision carefully. I know I’ll get cursed out and ran, but there is nothing like a beautiful BW having the confidence to stay natural or perm her natural hair. Sure a little lipstick, conservative jewelry – but no weave, fake nails, lashes. All this weave is a recent phenomenon. The last decade has seen this business make everyone, but our people wealthy. Once again, we’re consumers. I know you don’t care, but thought I’ll share a perspective. I’ll go kick rocks.

  3. Regardless of what they it’s natural to our culture and who are they to say it’s fake what about the fake butts ,lips, boobs, and hair colors other cultures wear since they are getting so personal stop that at the door aswell

    • Mr Walter Steven Owens on said:

      Once again many of you are confused and don’t know what you’re talking about! This is about braids not extensions. Plus WTF do you care about who women give THEIR money to? Stop blowing smoke and speak the truth, you are ignorant, stupid and dumb and they are not the same. By the way Mr Mac Daddy, do you even know what a MACK DADDY is! ?!? Educate yourself so that when you do share an opinion you at least can support your position with facts!

  4. I work for the Federal Government and I wear an Afro and I wish someone would tell me that I cannot wear my hair natural. This is straight up insane. That young lady’s hair is beautiful. I would sue this school. What does her hair have to do with her education? Racist white people. White kids wear their hair with all types of dye and haircuts and they don’t get sent home.

  5. Justbeingme on said:

    there should be no such rule children ars in school to learn not to be critizied on there hair. okay i dont like weaves on children but there is nothing wrong with extenions as long as they are not outragiously long. i feel that they just have a problem with having blk children in there school period. education shouldnt be about what you look like or how you where your hair.

  6. Wait. Only “natural” hairstyles allowed? I guess that only applies to students because I’m just about positive I saw some dyed red, curly permed hair on the head of one of the grownups. While I have always said I don’t like fake hair on children, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way this young lady looked. She was well groomed, well dressed and well behaved. Now, if the rules specify that only real, natural hair is to be worn at school and her mother chose to enroll her in a school that had this rule, then sent her child to school wearing fake hair the second time, then this is on her. I hope this young lady knows that none of this her fault. I don’t blame her mom for removing her. I always say everything happens for a reason. She’ll probably wind up at a school where she will excel because more attention will be paid to her ability to learn, rather than how she chooses to wear her hair.

    • African American Woman on said:

      I agree that her hair looks cute, however, don’t enroll your kid in a school with this type of policy and then scream discrimination when you decide to break the policy. Simple; abide by what you agreed to or send your kid elsewhere…it’s cut and dry.

  7. tedgravely on said:

    This is so interesting. I hate weave and all these crazy braiding styles with wild colors, but I’m reluctant to enact polices that say you can’t wear them. I’m also torn because white people always enact policies that benefit them and disadvantage minorities. So if the little girl would have worn her natural hair into an Afro, would that have been okay? Or are there policies where your hair has to be pulled back, straighten, and made to look non ethnic? I’m just curious. I believe Black people should wear their hair the way it naturally grows out of their head. All this perming and straightening is garbage and unnatural. The policy is definitely targeting black girls because it says, prohibiting extensions, wigs and other hairpieces.” Most Black girls/women default to using one of the three. Thats not the unnatural part, what’s unnatural to me is sending your kid to a Catholic School where these nasty priests are having sex with little kids. Now back to the story – will white parents/girls stand up for their black classmates? I bet they won’t, nor should you expect them to. This doesn’t impact them so you’re own your on. However; the most important question: is weaved in hair more important than an education?

  8. They are envious of the many ways we can style our hair. Our hair has always been a problem for white America. Hold your head high sister our hair is gorgeous!

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Then why do black women give Asians $113 million a year for fake azz weave? That’s A lot of women’s who arent proud of their natural hair

      • That doesn’t mean we don’t love our on hit, some people hair doesn’t grow at all, some just want different styles and some as myself wear it because I do not want to put heat (flat irons) on my hair or cut my hair with extensions I can wear many styles w/I cutting or damaging my hair

      • AliciA perry on said:

        First off white women women wear weave too, white women wear braids. I’m so sick of people trying to judge black women second fake ass and tits began with white girls, trying to be black then you down low ass white men love the weave. Ass, of the black women. Then get on these boards pretending. You against it. It’s a fucking free country wear whatever you like. I would sue the shit out of them. It fucking with that young ladies self esteem. Its about her education.

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