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Editor’s Note: Due to changes in how Starz allows media access to episode,  we have had to delay our recaps. We will have every episode of Power recapped this season, but not right after the show’s airing. Please check our site for recaps during the week.

Plans have changed and new alliances have been formed between people who you would never expect in this episode of Power. Never thought we would see Ghost (Omari Hardwick) go from kill or be killed when it comes to Dre (Rotimi) to pouring a glass of scotch and toasting up with this guy.

Ok, maybe there wasn’t scotch in the glass, but that’s not the point. The point is, Ghost is definitely a changed man and it shows in this new business arrangement/truce he makes with Dre. Dre agrees to the truce, but only for the time being and at a cost for them both.

They’re requesting the help of each other in a new master plan. Something like, an eye for an eye; favor for a favor, and a body for a body. Ghost wants Dre to eliminate Jason Micic (Mike Dopud) and Dre wants Ghost to cancel Diego Jiminez (Maurice Compte). Not to mention, Diego’s sister wants him gone, and out the way too.

Meanwhile, Angela (Lela Loren) is still being heavily pursued by Blanca Rodriquez (Monique Gabriella Curnen). She just won’t let up off Angela’s behind. She knows for a fact that Angela’s involved in the murder/missing case of Raymond Jones. Now she has to prove it.

Blanca meets with Angela’s AUSA team to share suspicions of Angela, which is just the ammunition that Mak (Sung Kang) and Saxe (Cooper Johnson) need to get Angela out the picture for good.

Blanca really pulls the okey-doke when she calls Tasha (Naturi Naughton) in for questioning on her missing gun, and how it may be connected to her Raymond Jones case. Then Blanca tells Tasha that it was Angela who found the bullet in the wall at the crime scene. She’s trying to mess with Tasha’s head to make her think Angela and Ghost are conspiring against her, and setting her up to take the fall for Jones’ murder. Luckily, Tasha is way too smart to fall for the bull.

She’s also smart enough to see that there’s still something happening between Angela and her husband. But, at this point, she could care less. Tasha has her boo Terry (Brandon Victor Dixon), who she plans on going to for help in getting her out of this mess involving Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr). And, she finally lets the cat out of the bag. She tells Ghost that she’s been messing around with Terry this whole time. Well, she doesn’t exactly say it like that.

She tells Ghost and Angela that she’s going to Terry’s so he can help her get out from under Blanca’s questions and suspicions. Ghost asks why she thinks Terry would be willing to help her. And she boldly tells him that Terry loves her more than he ever did. Damn Tasha!!

Over on the other side of town, Kanan (Curtis Jackson) and Tariq are becoming besties all over again. Instead of worrying about Angela and Terry, Ghost and Tasha should be focusing their attention on their child.

He’s still mad at Ghost and not answering his calls. He is picking up the phone for Kanan, though, who pops up at his school for a nice mini day trip that involves beating the hell out of some guy. Looks like the two of them had fun together. Tariq is even selling pills at the school now. SMH. I smell trouble coming.

Trouble is definitely still coming for Proctor (Joe Ferrara), too. Mak is gunning for him and has recruited his ex-wife to dig up dirt on him. These people are playing real dirty and it’s getting real good.

Quotable: “…You never know who you can trust. Power makes people do some crazy sh-t”Cristobal

Kill List: Dre is on the kill list this entire season!

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