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Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are exempt from racial profiling. Just ask Golden Globe winner Ving Rhames. 

During a recent conversation about racism on SiriusXM’s The Clay Cane Show, the Mission: Impossible — Fallout star said that earlier this year he was held at gunpoint after a neighbor called the police because they believed a “large Black man” had broken into his Santa Monica, California home.

The ordeal went down while he was watching ESPN in the early afternoon.

“I get up, I open the door and there’s a red dot pointed at my face from a 9-millimeter [gun], and they say, ‘Put up your hands.’ Literally,” he claimed.

Thankfully, because the officer recognized him, the actor quickly diffused the potentially violent situation.

“He said it was a mistake and apologized,” the actor said, adding that he was still shaken. “My problem is, and I said this to them, what if it was my son and he had a video game remote or something and you thought it was a gun?”

Rhames claims the cop later admitted that a neighbor called 911 on him.

“Myself, the sergeant and one other officer, we went over to that house, which was across the street from my place, and the person denied it,” Rhames said.

He continued: “Here I am in my own home, alone in some basketball shorts. Just because someone called and said a large black man is breaking in, when I opened up the wooden door a 9mm is pointed at me.”

Of course, folks took to Twitter to sound off about what happened to Rhames:

Listen to his entire interview with Clay Cane below:


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12 thoughts on “Ving Rhames Held At Gunpoint In His Own Home Because Neighbor Believed A ‘Large Black Man’ Broke In

  1. Carol David on said:

    There were so many things wrong here. The cops have access to who live in these homes before going there. The cop put a gun on Ving Rhames without first seeking any type of verification, because he was given the description of a big black man. I bet the cop didn’t pull his gun on the white neighbor to verify who he was.

  2. RAMEE on said:

    This sword cuts both ways…what if someone really is breaking in a house and they don’t call for fear of error. Solution..get to know who lives in your community

  3. Scrljeff on said:

    Police should file charges against false calls. The caller said breaking in its obvious if the home belongs to ving he wasn’t braking in. That’s a false allegation and a chargeable offense.

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    Louise, I’m of the same mind as you. I agree totally. I’m SICK to death of hearing this and there are many, many more that aren’t making the news. The police dept/ city needs to charge these people and I GUARANTEE it will either slow down a hell of a lot or stop all together. As someone else mentioned, that person saw that big Black man enter that home with a key. He didn’t break any windows, didn’t crash in the door AND most importantly he was sitting down watching ESPN, how long had he been in the house when he had time to settle in and get comfortable before the police got there. Years ago the police came to our house and said that it was reported that someone was breaking into our home. And technically there was, my neighbor saw the feet of my husband as they went through the window into our living room. He had locked himself out and was able to get a window open and entered through it. My neighbor had looked out just in time to see the feet go through and they had no idea what race, or creed or color the proposed perpetrator was, they were ONLY concerned that someone had broken into our home. As, you can imagine they were white and we are black, they loved us and we them. They were great people!!!

  5. vdabney722 on said:

    The caller should have been given a citation just for not knowing about caller ID, and lying to the cops. White fear is toxic. This person was trying to make Rhames feel uncomfortable in his own home. Even if he didn’t know who Rhames was, if he was concerned about him, then why not approach him and get to know him? WHY do they call the police????

  6. Louise Langley on said:

    I guarantee you if the police department would start charging these people for making false reports, this stupid mess would stop. But no one is doing anything about it and it continues to happen and we have lost too many of our black men to this foolishness. I’m personally sick and tired of hearing these stories and nothing being done.

  7. stephanie Jones on said:

    Whites are such coward and racist, when confronted by the cops, didn’t have the balls to admit the 911 call came from that house, pathetic liar

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