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Fireworks jumped off Thursday on The View when guest Jeanine Pirro of Fox News told Whoopi Goldberg that she suffers from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Judge Pirro was on the show promoting her new book Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy when she made her Trump Derangement Syndrome comment and pointed at Whoopi.

“Listen, I don’t have Trump Derangement! Let me tell you what I have,” Goldberg fired back. “I’m tired of people starting a conversation with Mexicans are liars and rapists. Listen, I’m 62 years old, there have been a lot of people in office that I didn’t agree with. But I have never, ever seen anything like this. I’ve never seen anybody whip up such hate, I’ve never seen anybody be so dismissive.”

Pirro just smirked as Whoopi’s transitioned back to Pirro’s book and asked her to clarify one of its subjects – the conspiracy theory of a liberal “deep state.”

“How long has the deep state been there and who’s running it?” Whoopi asked.

Pirro, instead, chose to defend Trump against Whoopi’s previous statements – and a shouting match ensued until Whoopi dismissed Pirro with, “Say goodbye! Bye!”

Watch below:


Things got even more heated between Goldberg and Pirro after the show, when they ran into each other backstage. According to Page Six, they got into a screaming match that ended with Whoopi cursing her out and ordering her to leave.

Backstage when the two crossed paths, a source told us, “Jeanine tried telling her she’s fought for victims her whole life.” That’s when “Whoopi got in her face and said that they’ve known each other a long time, but still, ‘F–k you, get the f–k out of this building.’ Jeanine looked stunned.”

Another source told us, “Jeanine could have walked by her. There was one more segment to do. She could have walked by her easily, she put her finger in her face and said, ‘I’ve done more for abused women than you will ever do’ and that’s when Whoopi said, ‘You and I have never had a problem,’ before everything else was said.”

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio program Thursday, Pirro confirmed that the verbal altercation with Goldberg continued backstage, with Goldberg urging Pirro to leave the building. “She was screaming at me and I’m walking out of the building like a dog who was just kicked off,” Pirro told her Fox News colleague.

Sources tell Page Six that Pirro was already salty before her on-air segment began, because anti-Trump CNN contributor Ana Navarro was filling in for Joy Behar.

Things got heated after Pirro discovered CNN contributor Ana Navarro, who has been outspoken about her dislike for President Trump’s policies, would be among the panelists on Thursday’s program, according to Page Six.

“When Jeanine arrived on set she was looking for a fight and refusing to be on with Ana, demanding [Ana] not be in the segment,” an insider said. “[Pirro] was yelling at [‘The View’] executive producer and her staff like, ‘You need to handle this.’”

Another source told us that Pirro “was upset that Ana was there because she wasn’t told until the last minute. Ana is 24-7 anti-Trump. Jeanine wasn’t yelling, but you could tell they felt like the segment was being hijacked by shoving in an anti-Fox, anti-Trump person.”




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37 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Cursed Out Jeanine Pirro Backstage After Their On-Screen Fight

  1. Amber on said:

    Mac and Jhuf, go hide. JP was upset that the CONSERVATIVE lady sitting by her instead of Joy. See, even REAL CONSERVATIVES do not like JP.

  2. Amber on said:

    I told people back in 2004 that this judge was no good. Good for you Whoopi. And the audience heard this so called theses ladies name FIRST. That is a trump supporter for you. They can dish it but they can not take it; and when expose, they want to blame you. TRUMPISM.

  3. jamie on said:

    Sad two people can’t have a civil conversation. Anyone who goes on that show should just be prepared to be bullied….

      • Mac Attack on said:

        100% of the time, the person yelling “Get the F out” has lost that battle. Would imagine that you have lost many yourself in the same manner, but think you won. The weak can’t debate with facts and surrender to vulgarity. Pretty much personifies black women

      • Amber on said:

        Well, Mr. Mac Attack, if people a trashy woman like this judge in her place when she steps out of line and trying to spin nonsense is viewed as a “attitude” by black women, so BE IT. And the JUDGE use the profanity words FIRST, Whoopi just finished it.

  4. Linda Woodard on said:

    I agree. That idiot Pirro came for Whoppi and got served. I hope the door knob did hit her on the way out.

  5. The writer forgot to add that Judge Jennine say in response that Americans are tired of people coming here illegally and killing american children. I have no problems with people having different views but what is wrong is to shut people up simply because they have a different view from yours. That”s wrong and Whoopi got it wrong there. That’s my view. Trump is the only game in Town now and we must play it to the best for our community. He will be there for the next 4 year term. We are a minority, we need all the help we can get.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Andy, obviously you didn’t see the show. Pirro came loaded for bear. She was Determined that she was going to control the segment even though she was on stage with 4 other women. She was arrogant and dismissive, and wouldn’t let anybody else talk or ask questions. The tension at the table started rising when she shut up a couple of people by saying “let me finish” when they tried to ask her questions. She then reminded them of her degrees and the fact that she was a judge, several times. You could see the steam beginning to rise from the table. Nobody likes to be talked down to like that. Then she pointed to Whoopi and told her she had Trump Derangement Syndrome (as though that term hadn’t been used for Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton). Whoopi had had enough, and said “Bye”! And according to eye witness accounts, Pirro approached Whoopi wagging her finger in her face, and that when Whoopi told her to get out of the building. From what I saw, Pirro wanted to filibuster the entire segment without answering any questions. THAT may be how it works on her one woman show, but not on a show like the View. Pirro was WRONG.

      • Amber on said:

        Exactly. This is nothing new with this judge in behaving like this. Anyone who defends her with is stupid or do not know her record on tv with her behavior.

      • If that is all you saw on the show, then I really cannot help you. Whoopi did wrong and she did not do herself any good and she knows it. What it was is that they try to make very sweeping statements against Trump and do not give the opportunity to explain by asking a follow on question That’s what led to the burst up. You try watching the show again and particularly the portion when Whoopi was saying “she was 62 years old and Trump called Mexicans names after that whole hating she immediately followed it up with a question for the Judge. She did not want the Judge to deal with the sweeping statement she had mad. But the judge is too clever to be caught in that type of basic “cross-cutting-off” tactic, she tried to explain that what is of concern is the fact illegals have come in and killed american children and Whoopi got up and left. All this hate for Trump, what exactly has he done against the Black community that we keep hating on him? I mean Black unemployment is the lowest ever under Trump, even Obama cannot boat of that record.

  6. S.D. on said:

    No, jhuf, Whoopi just told it just like it is. Why is it that when Black women speak their mind, they are casted as “angry Black woman?” Why don’t ignorant, racist bigots like you stop doing and saying stupid s#it and you won’t have to be put in your place. Ain’t none of us cow towing, shuckin’ and jivin’ or steppin’ and fetchin’ to any of you – – not ever again! ….and I ain’t mad!!

      • Amber on said:

        Why would whoopi care about this woman in the video. Is she on the view? Did she act like Jeannie Pirro at Whoopi? If not, then this video means nothing. I do not care who it is, when someone trash others and try to twist lies and when people call her (JP) out, she deserve to get what gets. To me, if you are a trump supporter, you can not trash talk about NO ONE when you support the one who trash talk FIRST everyone else. Wont work. Obama wore a light suit and this trick (JP) acted like he committed a crime but look who she support. Trump. Sit down and shut up.

  7. Msyellarose on said:

    What’s the matter Jeanine? You “skeered” of Ana? I’m with Whoopi on this one in that I’m tired of all the hate that’s being allowed to run loose as the new normal. Trump needs to be removed from office plain and simple and we all need to vote.

  8. Brenda Sykes-Tucker on said:

    I just love Whoop, she don’t take NO mess., I see exactly why J P husband cheated and left her., she’s a pathetic ‘itch’!!!!!!!!!

  9. JackieH on said:

    Trupism has allowed biggots to come forward with their hate including Jeaninne, smh. Sad state of the union we are in right now.

  10. Jeanine Pirro appeared on “The Hen House” and mother hen crowed because Jeanine not only hit her with too many facts but held her own, something liberals w/TDS can’t tolerate, so instead of a civil disagreement Whoopi like many black women went ghetto
    and showed her Angry Black Woman side

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Pirro didn’t, “hit” anybody with “facts”. She was spouting the Very Same Right Wing Talking Points everybody hears Every Day. She tried to filibuster the entire segment as though the show belonged to HER, even though that is Not the shows format, and she knows it. She wanted to talk about her “book”, but didn’t want anybody to ask any questions.She was also throwing her degrees at them, as though none of them had ever accomplished anything. Pirro was doing as much shouting as anybody else at the table. Was that how angry white “ghetto” women act? The article clearly states that Pirro was upset because Navarro was at the table, even BEFORE the show began. I guess Pirro thought she was only going to have to throw insults at Whoopi. But by the time she started pointing at and insulting Whoopi with her snarky, superior attitude, it was already to late, Everybody at the table, except maybe Meghan was ready to jump her. Pirro’s “performance” was a disgrace.

    • jhuff on said:

      I did watch the segment apparently you don’t know much about the “The Hen House” filibuster is all they do to opposing views they gauge their truth on how loud the audience cheers Kate Steinle, Dominic Daniel Durden,Edwin Jackson,Grant Ronnebeck, Kristopher William Eggle, Terry Wendover next of kin don’t consider JP’s facts talking points nor does family of the 91 yo Mexican man in LA beaten by the black woman and told to go back to Mexico

    • Amber on said:

      You clearly knows nothing about this women and you are just ready to find fault with Whoopi. Wont work. Even the audience which consisted ALL people with different views heard this chic. I do not like her because she is another verse of Nancy Grace with a gavel.

    • Amber on said:

      Well, when you act like white trailer trash, you get the ghetto. Nothing wrong with that because there is a TIME for everything. It is a time to be classy and it is a time to get in someone’s @$$. You cannot reason with everyone with kindness. As I say, if you treat me with class, I will treat you the same”; however, if you low, I am going to the floor”.

  11. Phyllis on said:

    That judge wasn’t ready for Whoopi. They forgot to tell her when they booked her for the show don’t come for Whoopi or you will get served.

  12. Marilyn on said:

    Whoopi told her right. She needed to get the ***** out of the building. That wild woman who claims to be a judge had no business insulting Whoopi by saying she had the anti Trump derangement syndrome. Where did that woman get her law degree? She’s a disgrace to the legal profession and needs to be reported to the bar for reprimand. She’s the one who is deranged. That woman should have been escorted off the show right then and there. Whoopi should have told her “let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you.”

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