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Gospel songstress Erica Campbell and her family are open books on their new reality show We’re The Campbells on TV One. So when her daughter Krista Nicole Campbell revealed she was bullied about her dark skin, we experienced it with her.

In a heartbreaking viral clip, Krista revealed she is considered the “chubby friend,” but has learned to accept it. She later asked her mom, “Am I ugly?” Erica reassured her that she is beautiful and mentioned other celebrities who are dark-skinned, like Kelly Rowland. Krista reminded her mother that she walks through the world as a light-skinned woman, therefore her experience is different.

Colorism is a prevalent issue in the Black community despite attempts to diminish its foundation and long-lasting effects. Krista, who said she struggled with her darker skin, believes men prefer light-skinned women and provided examples to her mother of the men in their family who’ve all married light-skinned women.

In another clip, Krista reveals a heartbreaking incident when she felt excluded by a boy at her school who told her “We don’t want no darkies.” Krista walked away and cried.

Erica later tells her Warryn about it, who said it was like a “dagger” stuck in his heart.

Krista’s struggle is a reminder how far we have to go as a society. Instead of silencing the conversation with blanket statements like, “I don’t see color,” we must delve into the foundation of colorism to figure out how to progress as a people.

We’re The Campbells airs Tuesday nights at 8PM EST on TV One.

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