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(Photo credit: AJ Francis Instagram)

New York Giants defensive lineman A.J. Francis exploded on a Twitter Monday after claiming that the TSA went through his suitcase and left open the urn carrying his mother’s ashes.

Carrie Leanne Francis died on June 26 at 46 years old, according to a post on her son’s Instagram account. Francis posted a picture Monday of his clothes covered with what appeared to be ashes after his return from a week in Arkansas and California celebrating the life of his mother, per

“Hey you pieces of (expletive) at @TSA next time you (expletive) feel the need to go thru my mother’s ashes for no reason, make sure you close it back so her remains aren’t spilled on all my clothes…the least you pieces of garbage can do is your (expletive) job,” Francis wrote.

Someone responded to Francis’ tweet and included the TSA customer service Twitter handle, @AskTSA.

“Our officers are trained to handle your carry-on and checked property with care,” the message stated. “Out of respect for the deceased, under no circumstances should the container be opened.”

Since it appeared that someone had opened the container of ashes Francis put in his checked baggage, TSA said it would investigate further and later offered an apology to Francis. See the tweets below.

Francis announced on Instagram June 26 that his mother had died.

“#RIP to my mother Carrie Francis… I pray that you found your peace I hope you and Pop are laughing it up, and I can’t wait to see you again!,” he wrote under pictures of himself with his mother.

Her funeral was July 1 and in an IG post that day, Francis wrote: “My mother may be gone but I can be a shining example to her legacy…I’m just trynna make my momma #PROUD I aint trynna let my momma down.”




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4 thoughts on “NFL Player A.J. Francis Explodes After TSA Spilled His Mom’s Ashes

  1. tedgravely on said:

    Devastating. Heck if small dogs can go into the main compartment as carry on luggage, why can you transport the remains of your loved one the same way? Hope TSA finds out what happened and fires the culprit.

  2. I don’t know if some of the TSA’s are overworked/underpaid but-some of them can be real ASSHOLES.

    Once the person opened the suitcase and saw the Urn-they should’ve had both the SENSE and the RESPECT to not touch it.

    A.J. Francis had every right to be pissed at the DISRESPECT shown to both him and to his deceased mother!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Miss E on said:

    That is an awful situation to open up your suitcase and some of the remains of your dearly departed mama is on your clothes. The indifference they showed has me at a lost for words. I get that they have to inspect the urn but the very least they could have sealed it back tightly as to not have any of the ashes spill into the suitcase. TSA needs to investigate this so this does not happen to another family.

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