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Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson recently dropped a couple of pearl-clutching videos explaining why her performance at the Essence Music Festival was canceled over the weekend.

The singer was part of the tribute honoring the legendary Dottie Peoples but she was dropped like a bad habit after calling out Marvin Winans and saying ‘F*ck’ the church in live video rant.

One Lipstick Alley reader noted: “I thought she had gotten her sh–t together and was staying off of social media. Her drunk Periscopes were legendary. She used to make a complete and utter fool of herself.”

Another observed, “So, basically she’s upset because people don’t want her smoking, drinking, and cussing up in their church whilst leading praise and worship.”

And yet another watched the clips and concluded: “It appears she is abusing alcohol and may be bipolar the way she keeps going off, the church may have it’s faults but she is not able to function without getting mad and twitter rants, she’s the blame.”

See the videos below:






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18 thoughts on “Gospel Drama: Le’andria Johnson Pops Off On Marvin Winans; Says, ‘I’m Tired Of This Christianity Bull****!’

  1. Stop blaming the church culture, people not speaking to you, Marvin Winans, yadadada!! You are to blame Leandria. You are like a petulant child who insists on rebelling and acting out You have profited from these same church folk you’re lashing out at. You were given many opportunities and chances even after pregnancy out of wedlock, drunken periscope rants, and handing out cigarettes to homeless people You’re anger and frustration is with the expectation that you should live what you sing and preach. We ALL are supposed to as Christians uphold a standard and be more like Christ!! No we are not perfect, but there is no groupon in heaven. You can’t stand before Christ and point out all of the other persons not living right. He’s going to want to know what YOU did. Grow up, accept responsibility and stop the foolishness. There are consequences to your actions.

  2. The church is a hospital and 75% of the members need help! That’s why we attend for peace in our lives and only God can give that peace. This sister doesn’t have peace in her life and my advice is stop worrying about others and what they think and do. Get on your knees and pray for help in all areas of life!

  3. Robert on said:

    The Black Church is a Hot Mess. Black people are more in poverty, incarcerated, health disparities, homeless, and non-education. Where God is there is Freedom, Liberty, Healing, and Prosperity. I agree with people who grew up in the church under the brain washing, slave mentality, and stupidity taught by those who were enslaved in their minds. People wake up the church doesn’t save idiots. God Saves. Black folk need to seek therapy, counseling, self-help and then live the lives and stop talking and getting on everyone nerves……..As Spike Lee said years ago Wakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Uppppppppppppppppppppppp. There is no fool like a Religious Foold

  4. Yeah! She is on one! Whom is the world was she preaching to on Sunday morning? She needs to be in somebody’s church, but she doesn’t need to an overseer of one. She needs much prayer.

  5. mary on said:

    This is all in a lot of churches…what and who in the world was this young lady a pastor of. Let’s pray for her because the devil is busy.

  6. Black beckie on said:

    no forgiveness or help for the black WOMAN only judgement again y do black WOMEN even go to these churches, wait I know to get their MONEY and sleep w half the congregation.

  7. pac4me on said:

    I remember her from “Sunday’s Best” – she had issues way back then and apparently no one has intervened on her behalf (probably because she refuses to acknowledge that she indeed does have issues) all we can do is start praying for her

  8. Angel on said:

    Bipolar at its best! This lady needs help…stop blaming everyone for your shortcomings and take accountability…Christians are different for a reason. If you want to live this lifestyle it is your choice; don’t fool yourself and think you are pleasing God because you are not.

  9. Passing Through!! on said:

    So, basically she’s upset because people don’t want her smoking, drinking, and cussing up in their church whilst leading praise and worship
    I watched her story called Uncensored on T.V. One and this chick has NO BUSINESS being in the gospel industry. She chose this route because she has family roots in the gospel but this was obviously not the right path for her. I don’t know why she didn’t just do R&B music she’s a great singer. She should know that she’s going to be judged under a microscope in the world of church music. Yes, were all human but she is just plain out rachette.

    • Cheryl on said:

      Reason why she didn’t choose other type of music because she love singing gospel. Every time I have seen her on tv or videos I could see the live for God and what she do. But because her soul is not at rest she continue to do the other things she loves, smoking drinking and cussing. I do believe she is bipolar although I am not a doctor but there are people in my family with mental illness and the signs are there. She will have to be sat down and shows canceled until she seek some serious help. We have to continue to pray for her. I will support and buy her by listen to her music cause the struggle is real.

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