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Former students of Detroit Cares Alternative Academy are having a hard time getting jobs because prospective employers can’t find proof of their education.

“Chrysler called and they wanted proof and they wanted proof of my high school diploma,” Miona Jones explained to WJBK. “I sent them the diploma but there is no proof of the school.”

Jones and her friend Devanni Robinson graduated from the academy in 2012, but have since found is challenging to secure employment because there’s “no proof” of their accolades.



“I worked 12 years, fighting in school, fighting to be top of my class and you tell me it was all for nothing?” Jones asked.

The and Robinson tried obtaining their school records from The Detroit Public Schools Community District and one of the representatives told the women that “they had no records of our transcripts, diplomas stating that we graduated, nothing.”

Jones said the opportunity to work for Chrysler is a dead-end “thanks to the Detroit Public School system and Rev. Sheffield” who led the nonprofit that ran Detroit Cares Alternative Academy until it permanently closed in 2012.

“The Detroit Public Schools is responsible for the management and the maintenance of these records,” Rev. Horace Sheffield told Fox 2 by mobile. “All of this has been submitted by us and somewhere along the line, some of these records have been lost, misplaced or I’m not sure what happened.”

According to the report, a DPSCD spokesperson admitted the district failed to input student records into the system while they were under emergency management in 2011 and 2012. The district vows to update the records for students.




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6 thoughts on “Detroit High School Grads Told Diplomas Don’t Exist

  1. This may sound callous but it’s reason like this why my sympathy level is low for these illegal immigrants. Someone will have to pay for them being here and I would prefer if our tax dollars are used to help these neighborhoods or veteran programs. Yes, it’s a lot of money out there, but let’s take care of home first and the extra can go to foreigners.

  2. Sounds to me like Rev. Sheffield was shady.
    So sad that the former students have NOTHING to show for their efforts!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris on said:

      Sounds to me like it was DPSCD who did not do what they were supposed to do with the records that were turned over to them after the school closed. Now they are saying that they are going to update the records that should have been in their database 6 years ago. If these people had not come forward after prospective employers called to verify their high school education they never would have known. Well Chrysler is not going to hold a job until the records can be updated. To DPSCD I say “WTH”?

  3. jhuff on said:

    And yet Democrats want to provide plenty of funding for the flood of illegal immigrants
    this will never happen to Corry Booker or Kamila Harris’s kids, but it’s Detroit Black owned and operated

  4. So sad. As a public school educator, I’ve seen charter schools promise better learning environments & the moon but it’s useless if they fold and no one is keeping records updated. I bet someone made a boatload of money at the expense of these students.

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