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Dang, Da Brat‘s got some bad news coming her way. You see, she owes a one time cheerleader $6.4 million for a nightclub assault. And yes, you guessed it, the woman is trying to get her hands on every penny she get from Da Drat.

The woman has set her sights on all money the rapper made for appearing in the Set it Off play that recently traveled around the country to rave reviews.

Da Brat, as The Blast reminds, was sued by a former NFL cheerleader, Shayla Stevens, over a 2007 nightclub attack where Da Brat hit her in the face with a rum bottle. A jury found the rapper liable and awarded Stevens a total of $6.4 million.

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10 thoughts on “Da Brat May Lose ‘Set It Off’ Money Due To Assault

  1. That is entirely too much money. Da brat has paid her debt to society and should be exempt. I think she should appeal the ruling but it’s probably ran out of time. On the other hand Da brat sure finds money for that ridiculously amount of makeup she wears. She looks foolish.

  2. Pay up. People be careful when in conflict with another individual. Let’s practice anger management if not you will pay out of your behind.
    I bet many of you have assaulted someone and got away with it because the person didn’t know the law that could have sued you.
    All you have to do is goto the police precinct and have an assault charge taken out. Half of y’all out there don’t have pot to puss in like they say down south in other words don’t have a frat cent.

  3. Sorry but... on said:

    She did do her time and i commend her on changing her life for the better. Honestly, shes broke as hell, that pretty cheerleader will die before she gets even 1/3 of her judgment. The brat can barely ‘pay’ attention i like her but the truth is the truth, that little bit of play money is not gonna cut it

  4. Jennifer Miller on said:

    Brat needs to pay this lady her money! This lady had plans to have a career and we all know that show business requires a pretty face and Brat took this lady’s livelihood away, that’s why the monetary award was set so high. Given her potential career in her lifetime, the judgement amount is what she may have earned had Da Brat not ruined her looks. Pay Up so you can move on💰💰

  5. 6.4Million! That is rediculous…if we were the defendant in such a case, such an amount would never have been awarded. This is foolery on the part of our justice/jury system. Makes no sense…maybe 5-10K tops! That’s it, that’s all!

  6. I luved Da Brat’s brief music.
    Was sorry to hear of her charge of assault/battery and jail sentence.
    Hopefully, once the restitution has been paid, Da Brat can move on from this.

  7. tedgravely on said:

    Shawneise Harris is to old for this foolery. This woman is pretty. Settle down and stop partying. Life is too short to waste it and drink it away. Grow up.

    • Chris on said:

      @TedGravely – this happened YEARS ago. Brat did her time for this assault. While I think 6 million is way too much – Brat has been doing positive things since then and staying out of trouble.

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