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This week’s match-up is between Bryan Popin and Charles Jenkins.

Listen to the songs! 

Make a choice! 


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40 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! Bryan Popin’s ‘Step in the Name’ vs. Charles Jenkins’ ‘Can’t Turn Back’

  1. Mitch on said:

    I personally like the vibe BP is bringin. Charles song is good and I do like the old school church vibe, but I feel like it is just like his other song War. Am I wrong?

  2. Terrell on said:

    I just watched Bryan Popin’s video to Step In The Name. I saw Jonathan McReynolds (whom I LOVE!), Mr. Brown, Meagan Good, Travis Greene, Jekalyn Carr… even saw Willie Moore Jr do his thing. This guy is fresh. Love his heart and his story. I want to support this dude!

  3. Marcella Jones on said:

    Gotta go with Jenkins-Can’t Turn Back. These
    Crazy times require a strong Commitment to
    hang tough and not turn back. Can’t

  4. Danny G on said:

    So why are we voting on 2 Kingdom gospel artists?????!!!!! Not sure I agree with this contest. Is it a music preference or artist preference????? Plus, both songs are so different. I don’t know. Just my 2 cents.

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