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REL (Fox)

Not sure if we are buying Sinbad as Lil’Rel’s father but come on SINBAD is back on TV! The legendary comedian is playing Lil Rel Howery‘s dad in this comedy about a man who is picking up the pieces of his life after his wife cheats on him with his barber ::gasps::.

Why watch: If we get even an ounce of the funniness we got from Howery in Get Out, we’ll be happy. But we’re not sure what to think from this trailer. Maybe a bit corny… but we’re definitely going to support.


Happy Together (CBS)

CBS has had very few black people, let alone black leads in their TV shows. However, after public outcry and the success of Shemar Moore’s S.W.A.T and the 2-season run of Superior Donuts, it looks like the network is ready to give another black actor a chance at lead. (And it’s not the only one this season!)

This time it is Damon Wayans baby boy Damon Wayans Jr. and The Carmichael Show‘s Amber Stevens in this silly show about a 30-something couple whose home gets overtaken by a British superstar.

Why watch: Okay, okay, okay, this is definitely not really for “us” but it does deserve at least some season premiere love to support the Wayans legacy. Right?!


All American (CW)

Newcomer Daniel Ezra is ready to make a splash alongside Taye Diggs in this story about a Crenshaw teen who heads to Beverly Hills to play football after a shooting near his school.

Why watch: The story line isn’t new but I can’t help but be intrigued by all of the fresh faces being led by the veteran Taye Diggs. It looks like the plot is going to be juicy, AND, give people plenty of opportunity to cuss at the screen because it appears that they are trying to play Ezra’s character.


The Neighborhood (CBS)  

We’re not going to lie, although the story line is a bit tired, we can’t get enough of Cedric The Entertainer on television. We expect lots of inappropriate and real jokes about Black-White relationships (lets just skip the potato salad joke, OKAY).

Why watch: Tichina Arnold makes her big return to network TV as Cedric “Calvin Butler”‘s wife which is going to open the door for a lot of fun banter between the two, hopefully. Plus, look at all these beautiful Black people in the trailer.


The Enemy Within (NBC)

After Rosewood’s cancellation (smh), we thought it would be a long time before we would be able to see Morris Chestnut on our TV screens again. Well that isn’t the case because NBC has ordered The Enemy Within which stars Chestnut as a FBI agent who teams up with a prisoner to capture an elusive criminal.

Why Watch: Unfortunately, the show doesn’t premiere until mid-season next year, so we don’t have a trailer yet but its Morris Chestnut. He deserves all of the support because he is underrated and has deserved more opportunities from Hollywood! (rant over).


Click over to find the trailers for some honorable mentions including a comedy that features a comedy legend as one of its leads.


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5 thoughts on “5 New Shows With Black Leads Coming Next Season

  1. The ‘loose boots’ joke on REL is funny! Men are just as fickle as women about why they reject a potential significant other. Wanda Sykes needs to take her funny over to one of these new shows and stop trying to lend support to the prejudiced WP trying to blame their need for diversity training on Ambien.

  2. Edie on said:

    Some of these shows look promising. I just hope I don’t become vested only to have show canceled. I will be watching.

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