A Black man in Boston was locked up for being Black and trying to purchase breakfast at a Burger King. So how did his #EatingWhileBlack experience happen?

Emory Ellis, a homeless man, went to the fast food restaurant in November 2015 to get something to eat. He posed no threat, as he was only hungry. But Ellis, now 37, got a huge wake-up call about racism when he handed his $10 bill to a cashier. The restaurant said his money was funny—meaning counterfeit—and he was escorted out of the location in handcuffs by Boston police who were called to the scene by the cashier. But that’s not all: He got more than three months in jail over the incident. Wow.

This man was wrongfully accused of carrying fake bills, and now he is suing the fast food giant for nearly $1 million, Law 360, a digital legal news service, reported Tuesday. His lawsuit said that he was discriminated against because of his appearance, a horror that has caught more national attention with the growing number of video recorded incidents of Whites calling the police on Black people who were racial profiled.

It’s likely that the cashier wouldn’t have thought twice about the money being real, or even dreamed of calling police, if a White man handed him the same bill, Ellis’s attorney Justin Drechsler said in the civil rights suit, which was filed this week in Suffolk Superior Court.

Ellis wants $950,000 after he was charged with forgery of a bank note. The arrest was in violation of his probation, and he was detained without bail for three months until a final probation violation hearing. He was finally released in February 2016 when prosecutors dropped the forgery charge once federal agents determined that Ellis’s bill was real, according to the lawsuit. However, Ellis never was reimbursed for his money.

More and more calls for justice are being raised to help people of color who are confronted by authorities because of someone else’s racism. The cop calling just has to stop. Period.


Homeless Man Gets Jail Time For Paying For Food At Burger King was originally published on newsone.com

10 thoughts on “Homeless Man Gets Jail Time For Paying For Food At Burger King

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    There is a bit of good news – Boston has pretty tough winters, so being locked up for three months takes him off the streets and fighting to stay in a homeless shelter to around late Feb or Mar. The bad news is, this is crap. They hauled him away in handcuffs to jail for a $10 bill. Not a fifty, not a hundred, but a $10 bill. You mean to tell me that no one thought about going to a bank to verify. Since the so called officers handcuffed him, and they travel in packs, no one said, let me stop by this bank and see what they say. Nobody!! They should be called, Boston Dummies – that was not their finest moment.

  2. Head negro in charge on said:


    • Rhonda Gary on said:

      No problem, I will. Since assumptions seem to be made about black people pretty frequently. Turnabout is fairplay.

  3. He deserves more than what he’s suing for. The cashier should have been prosecuted for abuse of city services. Correction. The officers should have taken his ten dollar bill, paid the tab and let the man eat in peace and then arrested the sewer rat who called them. That is the only thing that is going to stop this dumbfuckery.

  4. Good for him. Now if he wins the lawsuit–HE CAN PURCHASE THAT BURGER KING FRANCHISE AND FIRE EVERY white employee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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