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ESPN Films and Netflix are pooling their resources to present something that’s long overdue, a documentary series profiling the life and career of NBA icon Michael Jordan.

Due in 2019, “The Last Dance” is a 10-part documentary that has the full blessing of Jordan and will include his participation in the series.

Once cut from his varsity high school basketball team as a sophomore, His Airness went on to become among the greatest basketball players in NBA history, if not the greatest.

The ESPN Films 30 for 30 Twitter account posted the following teaser for the documentary:



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2 thoughts on “10-Part Michael Jordan Doc Set For ESPN

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    So we can watch him become a billionaire and sell out with his reparation prize lil white girl who looks like his granddaughter and makes him look like dirty black man. I won’t watch, I don’t buy or support anything he does. His sorry black ass came to the defense of the transgender community, without hesitation or blinking twice! Over bathroom laws but has remained silent over the violence in Chicago, his own teammates criticized him for saying nothing during the riots in L.A. He only spoke out about police violence against blacks after a riot took place in his own backyard of Charlotte, NC over the unjust killing of Keith Lamont Scott and when he issued his piss poor statement he made sure that he played in the middle, not to be in total defense or on the side of black people against the cops. Michael Jordan hates black people, and yet these stupid hood ni**as will kill, steal and rob over his sneakers while he doesn’t give two s**ts if they die in the streets. Jordan is a cooperate coon, has 100% sold out and has detached himself from all things black. He’s even trained his sons to hate black women & align themselves with all things white. Society will always reward the powerful, influential blacks who have the potential to make an impact on or lead the black community but will opt to sale their soul for power and wealth.

    • Really on said:

      I’m with you on that , will not watch or support , we as blacks need to stop supporting these types of negros. We know who they are worse that racist whites to me.. And yes it’s a black thing we don’t care if you understand we won’t waste time explaining to you.

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