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“TERRIFYING” is how one United Airlines passenger described her flight from Denver to North Dakota, claiming that the flight attendant appeared to be drunk.

As noted by The Root, on Thursday, a passenger tweeted to United saying that she was so unnerved by a flight attendant’s behavior that she was compelled to inform the pilot, saying that the attendant said, “If your seatbelt isn’t tight, you fucked up.”

Passenger Erika Gorman naturally assumed that the disheveled flight attendant was drunk or high, and tweeted how she was “terrified” and took pictures of the stewardess and another passenger.

Gorman also tweeted that police and an ambulance met the plane when it landed in Williston, N.D.

In a statement to the New York Daily News, United said all passengers on Trans States Flight 4689 received their money back “as a gesture of goodwill.”

“We have compensated all customers aboard the flight and we apologize for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused,” read the statement. “The safety of our customers and crew aboard all United and Trans States flights is a top priority.”

The attendant was reportedly fired, but many following this story online are wondering why she was terminated but the flight attended who murdered the dog is still working.

One Twitter user noted: “So this woman loses her job for being drunk at work (correct) but the United flight attendant who murdered a dog is still employed? Would love an explanation.”

It’s simple, the drunk flight attended is black and the idiot who locked the dog in an overhead bin where it suffocated to death has that complexion protection. She received some sort of animal sensitivity training.

Never forget: black folks get fired while white folks (or white passing) receive sensitivity or diversity training.