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Lawrence Charles a senior at McClintock High School got escorted off campus on April 11 for refusing to take his durag off.

The next day he was given an in-school suspension because he wanted to have his durag, according to The Grio. The schools assistant principal, who is Black said that the durag was not necessary for a “college-ready environment.”

In a video posted to Twitter, Charles explains that the assistant principal told him, “I’m an African-American woman, and I know how they work.” She continued, “You don’t need to be wearing your durag at school. I’m trying to make McClintock a college-ready environment, and that starts with not wearing your durag at school.”

Charles found her explanation of his durag racist.

Over the years, durag’s have received a bad connotation, often being associated with gang affiliations and as an accessory worn by African-American men.

“The problem in our society is that durag’s place negative labels and stereotypes predominantly on the black community and black male community. Young black males should be able to wear what they want,” explains Dr. David E. Jones, a diversity consultant weighing in on the matter.

Although this stereotype and association with durag’s are true, Twitter had a conversation of its own on whether Charles should be allowed to wear a durag at school.

Check out the tweets to see what people had to say about Charles durag.

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18 thoughts on “Arizona Teen Suspended For Refusing To Remove His Durag

  1. African American Woman on said:

    Kates, you right…Murray that hair up at night, brush some waves in it, durag it up, take durag off before you leave the house…not too hard to understand…this has nothing to do with race-its poor upbringing…I wish one of my boys would wear some damn durag to school, much less not take it off whe, told to do so…after I came up to the school, he’d be wearing the durag as a tight-assed scarf.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    This is an example of poor upbringing. Ask any old school man; you take your headwear off inside a building…take off the damn durag before you leave the freaking house!

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Just can’t make this stuff up. Unless there is a medical reason, take the do-rag off and live to fight another day – SENIOR close to graduation. Are males allowed to wear baseball caps, cowboy hats, what about football helmets? Every environment has a culture and that culture dictates appropriateness. You couldn’t report to any military unit with a do-rag on your head. I had a professor in college that outlawed flip flops, tanks, and shorts. It was his call – and not an unreasonable rule. So I don’t know. This just seems like the young man could have been more understanding. He’s probably pro black for attention, but will marry white. He will take advantage when it suits him, but jump to the other side when it benefits. The Assistant Prinicpal was more than reasonable. In my opinion- which I’m allowed to share.

  4. An older person asked you and then told you to take off your do-rag, just be respectful and do it. Stop trying to turn everything into race. He was being defiant

  5. I swear! A person would think it’s against the law to have an opinion! What in the intolerant, uncomprehending word butchering, racist hell are you yammering about? Btw, I don’t know any elk.

      • americanize on said:

        Mac sissy nothing weak about me,an you know it,you and kates gets really upset b/c you can try to denied that ur white supremist but its obvious.And when you come at me with the racist bullsh*t,I will come back hard on ur azz.Now maybe you can go have sex with ur sister,you know ya,ll devils like that degenerate sh*t.

  6. americanize on said:

    I think theirs a time and place to wear a do-rag.But a black man in a suit is stereotype,so its just about having melanin in ur skin,according to this assistant principle you have to conform to European way of life to succeed.GTFOH.

    • Not being able to attend school with a durag tied around your noggin is conforming to the European way of life? He doesn’t have to conform to anything. If you don’t want to respect the rules of the establishment you frequent, then leave and go to one that allows you to do, wear and say anything you want. This reminds me of the times when grown men would walk into a business with shower caps on their head with Jheri Curl juice running down the sides of their faces. 24 hours in a day, and it’s still not enough to attend to your personal grooming in private. Would it be ok for the young ladies to come to school with their nylon night caps on? Sleep in the durag. Take it off when you go to school. Easy peasy.

      • americanize on said:

        Kates you old white supremacist devil,I,m not going to allow you to waste my time I expect a response like that from a white supremist devil such as you an ur elks that come on this site everyday.By the way theirs a site perfect for you and ur crew,its called stormfront,I know you know about it. And I stand by my statement.I,ll give you the last word.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Aren’t you late for your woe is me meeting? Today’s topic, the white man is breathing up all my air.

  7. “Young black males should be able to wear what they want”, says the good doctor. Really? See how well that sentiment works out in the real world of job interviews.

    • Tiana Nonbasic on said:

      IT WORKS JUST FINE> I work for one of the largest conglomerations in the world and people are allowed to wear what they want. My company does not discriminate. That being said I dress professionally everyday because that is my character. However, this situation was discriminatory. Do-rags are stain head scarfs used to create waves on low hair cuts and in no way should they be considered gang affiliation. That is racist. As well as believing everybody who is Black and wears baggy jeans is a gang member. That is the reason Treyvon Martin was killed because of thinking like that. STOP!!! BTW White people wear baggy jeans as well.

      • I don’t think they connote gang affiliation. I’ve never associated Do Rags with gang activity. As I’ve asked in my previous post. Would you approve of a female showing up for work or an interview with big, pink rollers or her nylon hair wrap? Depending on your occupation, It’s possible you could work for the largest conglomeration in the world, and wear a Do Rag to work, depending on what the business is, but what if this young man chooses a profession such as law, medicine, or even want to apply to an accounting firm? Do you really think he would be considered for a position showing up at an interview in a damned Do Rag? If you need set your waves, you have all night at home to wear your Do Rag. Slap that Murray’s on them naps wrap it up and be ready to face the world looking sharp and professional. Not like you going to the backyard barbeque. Show some class. Just sayin’.

  8. On Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 11:51 AM Black America Web wrote:

    > bawdiannahwatson posted: ” Lawrence Charles a senior at McClintock High > School was escorted off campus on April 11 for refusing to take > is durag off. The next day he was given an in-school suspension because he > wanted to have his durag, according to The Grio. The schools ass” >

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