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Rachel Dolezal is reportedly catering to the hairstyling needs of black women across the Spokane, Washington, area, Daily Mail Reports.

The former NAACP leader, who claims to be Black but was outed in 2015 as a white woman, operates a hair salon in her home and boasts about her skills via Instagram pictures of her clients’ various styles.

Dolezal, who will star in a Netflix documentary “The Rachel Divide” on April 27, has been doing hair in her home for quite some time and offers an array of services — from weaves, braids, twists, locs and dreads.

“Where the magic happens #timetowork #hairchair #morebraidingtoday,” she said in a post on April 9 showing a salon chair that she uses in what appears to be her living room.

Many of her clients have offered their testimonials to the hair stylings Dolezal provides.

“I love the braids so much I can’t stop taking pictures. LOL. Thank you,” one customer appears to say in a text conversation.

Dolezal even has cards for her ‘VIP Clients’ offering a fifth style for free after getting four done.

“New punch cards in for my VIP hair clients!! Get one at your next appointment,” she said in a post on February 9.

A customer made a collage of the braids that she’s had done by Dolezal.

A post dated January 11 showed that Rachel’s hair skills are worthy enough to secure a chair at Local Legendz Barbershop in Spokane.

She previously dropped the book Ebony Tresses in November, which Rachael says celebrates Black hair.

Would you let Rachael Dolezal do your hair?




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16 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal Is Making A Living As A Hairstylist In Washington

  1. Black women as we old timer say are “eaten up”. They are by far the most conceited, selfish, racist, stuck-up, hateful and misguided creature God has put on this earth. That is not saying all are that way. They are called devil women for a reason.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Rachel has been true to the game for a long time. Ladies you let Koreans do your nails and buy weaves from Korean beauty supply stores and they really don’t like you. Look I’ve been friends with a guy who I call my brother for a long time. He is white. When I was younger, I thought he was trying to be black; loved R&B, knew the black movies release dates before me, and loved sisters. You know what, he was legit. He’s been married to his beautiful black queen for 15 years with two handsome boys. His wife isn’t a redbone, long hair, etc., she is a natural sister with a natural body. He calls her wife for life. Look at what they do. You have skin folk that don’t love you like that. Judge Rachel by her actions. Did she bash black folks when they kicked her out of the NAACP? Has she bashed black women? If she has, then steer clear. If not, embrace her because she’s more than a sister, than some sisters.

    • Charity Dell on said:

      TED GRAVELY–YOu make many good points! I am not convinced that the family has no
      African origins,,,and what did they expect Rachel to identify as, when she only had BLACK SIBLINGS? The story about the alleged Native American uncle” is probably the disguised BLACK
      uncle in the line…if Rachel suspects she’s Black, she’s probably right. I know lots of Black women
      who look just like Rachel. She needs to get a DNA test from, and the truth her
      parents don’t know or don’t tell will come out! DNA never lies!

  3. Tee mac on said:

    What did she do that’s so vile?? She embraced our culture… have an athlete change his gender and people aren t appauld, ETC
    That’s disgusting, yes I would allow her to service me, truth be told she was one of the Best NAACP Presidents for that chapter. The lady accomplished a lot during her tenure, way more than most of you haters have ever did!!!

  4. Mr Black on said:

    People! The woman that I am looking at is black in always. Please take a closer look. I submit to you that her “claimed” white father is not her biological father. If I were her, I would go for a DNA test. But then the Mum may want “a sleeping dog” to stay asleep.

    • CHARITY DELL on said:

      Mr. Black–You make an EXCELLENT POINT!
      I believe that:
      1. Rachel has always suspected she is BLACK, of RECENT African ancestry.
      2. Rachel may be the descendant of a Black father, regardless of what her mother claims.
      3. Rachel has always had BLACK adopted siblings, so that would explain why she
      identified as Black in her childhood.
      4. Rachel is alienated from her white father, and had already picked an older Black man
      to be “Dad”–just as Black people typically adopt “godparents”, godchildren, godsiblings,
      “play cousins”, “aunties and uncles” who are not “biological family;” but people to whom
      they feel “related,” due to proximity, strength of emotional bonds, etc.

      I would not be surprised at ANYTHING in Rachel’s DNA record, including recent African ancestry.

  5. Black beckie on said:

    That style looks great and the woman looked very beautiful with her braids. I’m glad they showed a satisfied customer. Take care rachel.

  6. americanize on said:

    Good example of how white people steal from black culture,music,style,etc.And make money and dumb negroes give them their money.Why do black people still associate with this white woman.SMH.

    • AKSISTA on said:

      SO TRUE.

      • Mac Daddy on said:

        Stop being a vile hater. Jealous because she takes care of her family without government handouts?

  7. Charity Dell on said:

    Rachel is making an honest living; as long as her clients are satisfied, everyone wins.
    She still has children to support, and I believe she has a new child under two years old.
    As long as she can make a decent living and help herself and her children, life will be
    better for the family.

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