Russ Parr: Armstrong Williams Defends Sinclair Broadcasting’s Script


State run broadcasting received much attention all across the nation as Sinclair Broadcasting has asked all it’s news affiliates to use a news script to promote pro-Trump views. It has both citizens and reporters angry at the companies bold display of its views.

Armstrong Williams has been a partner of Sinclair Broadcasting for a number of years. In a heated conversation with Russ Parr, he defends what the company is pushing out.

“People don’t understand that anytime you watch the news cast, it’s all scripted. On network television it’s scripted,” explained Williams. ” Why? We’re in a very litigious society. You can easily be sued so obviously you have no idea how many lawyers pour over documents.”

He continued, ” For the media to criticize Sinclair Broadcast for being scripted is hypocritical. That’s the business we find ourselves in.”

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