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Whew! After watching last night’s episode (3/29/18) of Braxton Family Values it’s only right to take a minute to just breathe and fully digest the intensity surrounding all of the drama and dirt that came out in the wash of episode 2.

If you watched, then you know there’s no room for appetizers with this recap. We have to jump right in for the meat and potatoes of the situation – Tamar and Vincent Herbert! What is really going on??!

Ok, yes – it’s no secret that there were multiple headlines that hit the internet back in 2016, reportedly involving a few domestic disputes, some 9-1-1 phone calls, and an alleged bitten finger. But let’s not forget how both Tamar and Vince adamantly denied these allegations.

But leave it to Tamar’s mother, Ms. Evelyn aka Ms. E, to bring everything that was done in the dark, to light with a very controversial TMZ interview back in 2017. However, after watching last night’s episode, we now know that this on-camera outburst was bound to happen sooner or later.

A mother’s love runs deep, and Tamar and Vince’s volatile relationship had taken its toll on Ms. E. The TMZ cameras just happened to be there at the right place and right time when she finally decides to let it all out.

Abuse confirmed or NAH?


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