Ms. Evelyn is booked as one of the speakers for the October Women’s Health Fair to shed light on Cancer Awareness Month, which also doubles as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and boy, does she have a whole lot to say! During the car ride, she shares how she’s very familiar with the signs of domestic violence. She tells the family lawyer Antavius that it saddens her to have the ability to help all of these other women escape their volatile relationships but when it comes to her own child, she’s helpless.

Once at the health fair, Ms. E takes the mic and seizes the opportunity to GO OFF! She tells the women she’s not there to just speak about cancer but also domestic violence, because both sicknesses affect the overall health of women.

The “E” in her name must also be for EVANGELIST because Ms. E took these ladies to CHURCH! She brought a prophetic word of encouragement and victory to the women there, telling them to stand together to fight BOTH of these demons! She tells them to seek help if they’re in an abusive relationship, because she knows there’s someone in the room who had to fight their spouse that morning just so they could attend the fair.

She speaks with so much passion that it’s perfectly clear her words stem from a very personal place of hurt and pain. That pain translates to the TMZ interview where she sends a direct message to her son-in-law to – “keep your hands off my child!”

Thankfully, Ms. E’s TMZ statements didn’t start buzzing all over the internet until AFTER the girls, TrinaTraci and Tamar arrive in Las Vegas, for what’s supposed to be a fabulous girls’ trip and celebration of living legend Toni Braxton. That would make the trip even more awkward than it already is for these three.

Unfortunately, Towanda is unable to break away from her stage play to join the family in Sin City, but that doesn’t stop Trina and Traci from moving full speed ahead with their plans to Turn All the Way Up in Vegas for Toni’s 50th birthday party and Soul Train Legend Award celebration.

The two sisters decide to rent a party bus to travel to Vegas instead of flying and Trina says, ‘Hey why not bring Tamar along on the bus, too’ – sounds like a good time right? Especially since she’s been going through so much with the divorce, moving into her own place and doing the whole co-parenting thing.

They get the party bus and it’s poppin! It comes fully equipped with cocktails, a stripper pole and a Male Stripper!

The turn up on the bus is all good until Trina and Traci reach Tamar’s place. It goes from an adult good time to children’s story time once Tamar tells her sisters that her 4-year-old son, Logan, will be joining them on the bus to Vegas.

Sorry, sisters. No more gyrating for you.

Trina and Traci head straight to the bus where Mr. Policeman is all stretched out on the seat, half-naked. They basically tell him Sorry bruh, but our nephew is about to get on this bus which means you gon’ have to get the hell off.

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