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Iyanla Vanzant was asked to weigh in on the Mo’Nique/Netflix boycott controversy and the mixed reactions to the comedian’s fight for equality.

According to Vanzant, this situation is much bigger than Mo’s plight.

“Why are we surprised that she’s asking people to acknowledge that they diminish and demean us?” Iyanla asked when Madame Noire requested she speak on the situation. “They do it every day. The president of the country relegated us to the sh-thole, so why are we surprised at this? The question becomes what are we going to do about it?”

OWN’s darling life coach went on to say, “Mo’Nique can’t fight that battle by herself and people will not stand up for the battle or not stand up for the cause because it’s Mo’Nique, well, it didn’t start with Mo’Nique. So either we’re going to do it or we’re not, but don’t make this about Mo’Nique. It’s not about Mo’Nique.”

She added, “Mo’Nique is just saying what other people have refused to say.”

Speaking to pay disparities, Iyanla continued to point out reasons why Monique deserves our support.

“Number one, we keep acting like we’re shocked and surprised that we still living in a racist country when the president can talk about bad hombres and sh-thole countries, what is that? Why aren’t we doing something about that right there? The mere fact that brown people in this country, that we have relegated to Mexicans and we forget about Dominicans and Salvadoreans and Panamanians and all the cocoa brown people that he called bad hombres, we know that they get paid less than everybody else. So if we let them pay the brown people less, why do we think they won’t pay the Black people less? I don’t understand.”

Do you think Iyanla is right when she says this battle isn’t really about Mo’Nique?



(Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton & Bob Charlotte / PR Photo)