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Like most students around the nation, North Carolina student Justin Blackman prepared to walk out of class at 10 a.m. on Wednesday to protest the Parkland, Florida high school shooting.

When the time came Justin calmly got up and exited his Spanish class only to find out that he was the only one participating according to CNN.

Of the 700 students that attend the Wilson Preparatory Academy in Wilson, North Carolina, Justin was the only one outside for the national school walkout.

For 17 minutes, one for each person killed in the shooting, Justin stood outside disappointed that no one came. Earlier that morning he spoke with fellow classmates who seemed to have no clue about it.

“Umm… hello Twitter, there’s going to be like six people watching this hopefully,” Justin expressed in a video posted to his account. “It’s National Walkout Day, I’m the only one from my school out here.”

After 17 minutes, Justin headed back to his Spanish class hoping he wouldn’t get in trouble. To his surprise he didn’t get in trouble but instead congratulated for stepping out.

Deeply understanding the importance in what he did Justin explained, “Now, I truly know that one person is all it takes.” He continued, “No matter the age, skin color, gender—it doesn’t matter.”

Although shocked that students didn’t participate, Justin’s mom Megan was not surprised that her son took part in the walk out.

“Justin is very opinionated,” explained Megan. “He’s not a follower. Strong minded.”

CNN reached out to the school for a comment

“We teach our students to be independent thinkers,” explained school representative Janet Conor-Knox. “Blackman is an independent thinker.”



(Source: CNN)

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21 thoughts on “It Takes One: N.C. Black Student Only One To Walk Out For Parkland Shooting Protest

  1. I can’t for the life of me figure out how you know what these youngsters were thinking and why they made the decision they made. Maybe you know something the rest of us mere mortals don’t. But just for giggles, let’s just say they genuinely just wanted to spend that 17 minutes in class. What’s wrong with giving them credit for making a decision that is likely, just as you have done, will incite criticism instead of accolades for doing what their hearts told them to do? Fair is fair. Just for the record, I absolutely nothing wrong with young Mr. Blackman’s decision.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    That’s the beautiful thing about kids, they don’t see RED or BLUE, Democrat or RepubliKKKan, the only thing they understand right now is LOGIC, what makes sense. That’s the only thing their brains can comprehend. They’re not caught up in the politics of this situation, they see kids like them being mass murdered in schools across this country. They’re now seeing how lobbyist run our goverment and the Conservative party. trump met with these kids in the white house, challenged Congress to go against the NRA then turned around and had a secret late night meeting with the NRA and has since back tracked on what he said….POS! That’s why those kids are out there protesting. They’re no pawn of the Democratic Party these are young people being forced into action and political consciousness by way of tragedy.

  3. Perry on said:

    Mac Daddy, at the least the Democratic Party has an agenda. Because Trump doesn’t have a clue and it definitely shows. CHAOTIC!!!

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      Tell me their agenda with corresponding initiatives to fulfill. You can’t. Their agenda is hate Trump with policies of deviciveness and faux racism. You just don’t get why Hillary lost so you?

      • specialt757 on said:

        @macd. When will you recognized that no one really cares that Hillary lost, people care that trump won and rightfully so. He has done absolutely nothing but create chaos within his administration and nothing for the American people, not even that sorry behind tax reform, what a joke. There is no clear direction, day-by-day no one ever knows what’s going on inside his pea-brain, hell he doesn’t even know. And here you are following behind a demented clown who has no clue how to lead people, as brilliantly stated already, he couldn’t lead flies to s**t. But clearly your intelligence is far less than that of a fly’s because you’re still blindly following a very much flawed, clearly incapable “leader-by-default”. People like you will go down or die fighting for far less than you deserve. I will pray for you, you’re like someone whose being abused but is still in love with their abuser. They got a name for that, I just can’t call it right now. Lord have mercy.

  4. To Guest 1.5 – wow, your comment is indicative of your screen name….incomplete, not even a whole. Anyway, this young man was being exemplary of exactly what the constitution is all about – the right to free speech and his form of free speech was to stand in protest. The students that stayed inside did not resist peer pressure – they feared repercussions and took the easy way. As for you kates1221, he did learn something…..that he cannot hide in fear among the masses. So I give him his credit because it is due.

  5. Christianforreal on said:

    What Justin did by protesting and supporting what he believes will benefit him and you, as well Kates1221. I hae nothing bad to say about those children who were not out there protesting with Justin, because neither one of us know why they were not there, but Justin’s courage and conviction can take him far in life and his courage and conviction will help to change laws that affect us all. Thank you Justin!! And in reply to Guest1.5, this is a perfect example of a student who exercised his right, according to the Constitution. BAW did write about one!!! MacDaddy, sit on it and rotate, that sounds like something you’d like!!!

  6. prerog on said:

    His name is interesting. Justin Blackman. A just Black man—out for justice and speaking out for justice for the victims of that tragic shooting. A real leader this young man is.

  7. Maybe the majority of the students just opted to stay in class, take advantage of the time doing something that will actually benefit them in the long run (learning), and find other ways, on their own time to protest. May as well give credit where is credit is due.

  8. Passing Through!! on said:

    This is such a unique opportunity for young people to get involved in the political process, to learn and lead. The young progressives have the platform and the power to overthrow the racist in Congress, the Senate who are bottom feeding bending over for the NRA and other lobbyist. It’s sad it took a tragedy like this to help them understand that the government is run by lobbyist and big money and these one-percenters in charge don’t give a damn about the other 99-percent.

  9. Guest1.5 on said:

    I’d like to also see the stories of the brave students who resisted peer pressure and stayed in class to show support of the Constitution of the United States. BAW won’t show those stories

  10. Mac Daddy on said:

    Trained early to be a pawn for the Democrats agenda. You won’t have to go it alone for long young man. You will be welcomed by the masses on the plantation.

      • specialt757 on said:

        prerog are you a newbie? Alright well then, first, WELCOME, and second, you will notice that m.d.or satan’s pawn has his nose so far up #45’s behind that he can smell his breath. And, he (m.d) even has followers/supporters on here, if you can imagine that, just sit stay a while.

  11. Ted Gravely on said:

    Young Man – You’re learning to be a leader. Sometimes, you have to go it along. Your courage will give courage to others.

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