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Many of you might remember two weeks ago, Stacey Dash entertained the idea of running for Congress. “Would love to know what my fans and friends think,” she tweeted out.

After getting a number of responses (a lot of them negative), it seems like her supporters came out on top because now, Stacey has actually started the process to run for office. 

The actress, media personality, and outspoken Republican filed paperwork on Monday to run in California’s 44th district. This is the same district that includes Compton, Watts, San Pedro, and North Long Beach.

Stacey Dash possibly representing Compton?

Smh, you read right.

The 44th district has a long history of being represented by Democrats and during the 2016 elections they overwhelmingly voted for Democrat Hilary Clinton. 

Now it seems Ms. Dash hopes to make her Republican party look good. She hasn’t released an official statement yet, but on Thursday she tweeted “Things are taking shape,” so it appears she means business.

Twitter, once again, was not prepared. Swipe through for people’s responses.

It’s Official: Stacey Dash Is Actually Running For Congress was originally published on globalgrind.com

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One thought on “It’s Official: Stacey Dash Is Actually Running For Congress

  1. From what’s been said by a few popular Black radio hosts, Stacey Dash is banking on the Black vote, which is in my mind totally ridiculous and unrealistic! Homegirl-or I should say Trump loyalist and wannabe white girl-has lost her Black Card quite some time ago. Now, she wants to jump ship. Unbelievable! I guess ole Stace-like Omorosa and so many others-finally figured out that SHE’S NOT ONE OF THEM…never will be. Yet, Stacey Dash isn’t the only one that eventually realized this. O.J. Simpson, the one time ‘Darling’ of white America (the same O.J. who all but denounced our struggle for civil/human rights on television) found out real fast that he was ‘just’ a token member of their club, not a real member! And the irony of his dilemma was that the people who came to his aid when the chips were down were people who looked just like him, the very same people he literally turned his back on. This has simply helped me to see that, in spite of our faults as individuals and on a collective basis,along with the many challenges we face, our people are still are great people with a rich history and should take pride with who we are and what we have to offer in this world without having to sell our souls to be someone or something we’ll never, ever be

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