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When children are massacred because of a psycho with a militarized weapon, like an  AR-15, for some reason that inspires Republicans to get extremely defensive about the second amendment. No one should be able to buy an AR-15, but in Florida it’s legal for an 18-year-old to purchase the weapon of war — even though you have to be 21 to buy a handgun. Furthermore, what do the mass shootings in Parkland, Las Vegas, Aurora and Sandy Hook  have in common? The shootings were all done with an AR-15, which was banned up until 2004.

Angela Rye tried to talk to a Republican and NRA member SE Cupp on CNN. Of course, SE believes banning assault weapons would do nothing for gun violence, which is illogical considering every stat proves mass shootings and gun violence have skyrocketed since the expiration of the 2004 assault weapons ban. When CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Rye if President Donald Trump would do anything to prevent school shootings, she said, “I have yet to see him walk in a way that is supportive of policy that helps to shape American lives in any meaningful, positive way.” Cupp interrupted, “We just had a big tax cut. That they’re real happy with.”

Rye replied, “Some folks are real happy with it. Particularly very elitist rich folks are happy with it.”

“No, middle class,” Cupp responded.

“I just want to talk about gun control right now S.E.,” Rye said. Then, as if she was talking to a child, Cupp replied with,  “I’m trying to not let you get ahead of yourself.”

This is when Angela had to shut her down, “Oh, I don’t need you to help me. I’m fully grown, I’m 38 years old, honey.” Rye then went on to explain how the NRA is controlling politicians, Democrats and Republicans, which got SE in a tizzy because she donates money to an organization that encourages anyone over the age of 18 to buy guns that should only buy used in battlefields. See the exchange below:

Isn’t it disturbing that even when 17 people are killed in school that Republicans will still not even remotely consider banning assault weapons?



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23 thoughts on “CNN’s Angela Rye Shuts Down Republican Over Gun Control

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    This is a great forum for people to provide their opinions. I’m back. It is my opinion that only an idiot would try to discredit an opinion with false data points. What Simpleton can’t google and quickly ascertain that if Cupp stated -17 people die every day from any gun type in Chicago – Cupp was a bold faced liar who relies on sheep to spread her false talking points. The basic math doesn’t add up with published statistics. See my comment below – 🤔 think. 17 people per day? Now Chi Town has a high murder rate and that is horrific, but 17 people per day. Get off this site you racist Russian Bot. We can read, google, have access to reputable sites. We’re not referencing That woman was trying to be condescending. Angela wasn’t having it. Every now and then, I’ll check an idiot. This is my check for the day. Opinions are valued, fake statements presented as facts will get you drilled.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    You can find a Simpleton to defend anything. What idiot would actually defend Cupp by agreeing with her 17 deaths a day in Chicago per day by any gun. I don’t have the time to go back and listen. However, if I was disagreeing with someone’s opinion, I would fact check the statement that I referenced. What is maddening is that you can Google reputable sources and quickly ascertain that if Cupp said that, she was a bold faced liar. The other thing that bothered me was that is a lot of dead people in one day, everyday, let alone one year. People do the math. This is basic math. Then google the 2016 stats on deaths in Chicago provided by the Chicago Tribune. Google the FBI stats. It’s not even close. People come onto these forums and lie. Opinions are one thing, it is my opinion that local leadership can step up and think through stricter laws. It is a #lie that 17 deaths occur per day in Chicago via any gun. I don’t care about GOP, racist Uncle Ruckus, or what your great great Granddaddy Robert E. Lee said. It’s not true. Now the factual over 700 deaths in 2016 is horrific, but don’t deal in Fake News. State your opinion and move on. I won’t check all liars, but just to let you know, I see your ignorant parrot behinds.

  3. Not to defend Cupp – she can be really annoying – but… Rye says she is there to talk about guns and then takes one potshot after another on Trump, Republicans and the NRA. Only gave Dem talking points on guns so was not very substantive or constructive.

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    That woman was trying to be condescending to Angela. Too bad Angela didn’t ignore her and just responded to the host. You don’t need the Federal Government to pass over arching gun legislation. Your municipalities can do it. Get active and pressure your local legislators to restrict certain weapons, etc. Think about this – if cities or housing areas can ban certain breeds of dogs they consider dangerous, then why don’t they ban certain types of weapons –its because they don’t want to. 🤔 Think. There is a reason why the NRA is fighting and funding these politicians. Follow the money 💰.

      • yes I’m glad I made it in a previous post…….. sounds like you’re afraid of opposing views

    • Cupp was not condescending. And Rye was attempting to use the situation to take jabs at all things Trump and Republican. People like this shooter are mentally ill. They have decided they want to shoot people. Not getting an AK-47 is not going to stop any of them. Cupp was trying to say 17 people die every day from guns of all kinds in Chicago alone – so the issue is not banning one kind of gun. It’s a bigger issue. Laws are in place for gun buying, registering and permiting. Law enforcement in this particular case is what failed – the shooter had been reported to local and federal authorities and an armed local deputy was on site. Rye is just spouting talking points on assault rifles, trying to say if this assault rifle was not available then this would not have happened? Are you kidding?

  5. leadjustone on said:

    I have the good fortune to spend my work day serving two high schools in the inner city. Student population is almost 100% black. I have to use my employee badge to access the buildings. Any visitors have to be buzzed into the office, before being allowed to access classrooms. All students go through a metal detector upon entering the school. I feel completely safe, and I love my job! This is one instance where I do believe, we have the better system.

    • Earth to jhuf. What i choose to do with my body is my damn business. Your ilk don’t have a problem sending ppl to the electric chair or to go fight in f up wars.

      • that’s right I don’t have a problem sending murderers to the electric chair and what you do with your body is your business what you do with innocent life is something else, 75 years ago someone sent ppl to a f up war which is why German or Japanese isn’t our official language

  6. So the Virginia Tech shooter killed twice as many using pistols
    and these teen survivors don’t own mass shootings the large majority involve grown adults
    Bill Clinton band so-called assault rifles and we still got Columbine…Just some facts for CNN and MSNBC BTW maybe they should host a town hall for the hundreds killed by Illegal immigrants

  7. People hear what they want to hear. They already have their minds made up before the conversation begins. They talk over one another and interrupt just to make it clear, I’m not going to change my mind and I want you to know that. I couldn’t help but see the little tiny wheels spinning in trump’s big head, tiny brain when that father was telling about his daughter being shot 9 times and how that made him feel UNSAFE in America. He already stopped listening because he knew what he was going to say immediately following this meeting, “bonuses” for gun-trained teachers. Gosh our president is stupid. Him and the lawmakers only listen to $$ going into their pockets and offshore bank accounts. I’m done, I’ve had it, they can all just go to hell. The answer to gun control is not using more guns to control, wtf kind of sense does that make? My good people, we are on our own, we have to keep us safe.

    • @speacialt— This country is leaderless. That person occupying the wh is deplorable. We are on our own. The politicians are all talk and no action, especially the republuthugs. Yesterday The fake prez specifically stated maybe the teachers should be armed. Today the idiot said he didn’t say it. They have the video. He is such a fraud!!

  8. The GOP have been taking $$$$ from the NRA for decades–which is why THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY REAL GUN REFORM LEGISLATION IN THIS COUNTRY.

    A dog never BITES the HAND THAT FEEDS THEM.

    These TURDS care more about $$$ and currying favors than they do HUMAN LIVES.
    Some of the damn DEMOCRATS are probably receiving $$$ from the NRA also-so their
    hands ARE NOT CLEAN EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CiscoKid on said:

      I know it’s probably against your religion, but I encourage you to do some research. Look at the history of the NRA. Find out what they did for free blacks after the Civil War. Look at what they’ve been doing on behalf of all Americans since then. Check out how much money is actually donated to political candidates by the NRA vs. unions and other groups, then tell me who has been bought and paid for. Oh, and give me links to all those stories of NRA members who encourage or commit mass shootings. Thanks!

    • CiscoKid is correct – the NRA is an equal opportunity donator to Dems and Repubs. And no group even comes close to what the unions donate to the Dem party.
      BTW, L, the NRA supports background checks, waiting periods, et al.

  9. SE is one rude know it all person. She ask a question but will not shut her mouth and listen to the answer because she can not handle the truth.

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