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S ince Trump  became president there has been a rise in hate crimes, according to Sadly, young people have been affected by this as well, from high school students chanting “build a wall” to this latest hate-filled incident — two Black teenagers are afraid to return to school because of threatening emails.

Seventh graders Kasim Brown and Ariana Ellerson, who attend Washtenaw International Middle Academy in Michigan, received an email, which came from within the school, on January 29 with racial slurs and threatening language. The emails read in part, “U need ta [sic] get your n**ger loving as* out of here and all this Black lives matter bullsh*. The sender said African Americans should “leave this country” and “One day your kids will get what they deserve being on this land. White lives matter….go Trump!!!!” The email ended with “F***ing n***er lovers” followed by skull and crossbones emojis.

Unfortunately, the students have been too afraid to return to school. The parents want law enforcement to track the IP address, but nothing has been done. See below:

It is deeply troubling that Trump has created and embolden such a hateful part of America. We hope Kasim and Ariana will be able to safely return to school.


Michigan Students Afraid To Return To School After Receiving Trump-Inspired Emails: ‘F**king N**ger Lovers’ was originally published on

10 thoughts on “Michigan Students Afraid To Return To School After Receiving Trump-Inspired Emails: ‘F**king N**ger Lovers’

  1. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@ers are aping out across the nation. The head cave n!@@er trump has given these mindless savages his ignominious blessing. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  2. Yep rise in hate crimes like the Vegas shooter who was a Hilary supporter
    Or last summer the Republicans shot by the Bernie supporter or how about the Black Dallas shooter or the Black Church shooter yes there is hatred going around only it’s from ALL spectrums this story only serves the intellectually challenged

    • Hey dummy, what does murderers have to with who they supported? What a dumbass response. Take your trump loving ass somewhere and stfu!

  3. americanize on said:

    If the parents of these children really love them,and care for there well being,which I feel they do.Take your children out of this school.The administration will do nothing,to find out who the young racist are.

  4. All of this UGLINESS in Amerykah these days just goes to show how IGNORANT some white folks are.

    It took a turd like Chump to bring these roaches out into the open.

    Sad, that these two kids had to see this country for what it truly is–HATEFUL!!!!!!!!!

    • GTFOH you racist poS! Like the black guy that was caught red handed spraying swastikas in NYC recently and making it out to be from trump supporters. You inferior black devils are constantly trying to incite violence. I am sure this was done by one of yours to instill violent like usual. 12 percent of population yet over 60 percent of violent crime. Try again devil!

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