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A Wisconsin teacher came under intense criticism for an assignment that asked fourth-grade students to list “three good reasons” for slavery, Fox 6 reported.

Parents immediately condemned the assignment when it was handed out at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, a city in Milwaukee County, on Monday. The teacher was not identified by the school. English students, who were also asked for three bad reasons for slavery, shouldn’t have received homework that promoted hate.

“It’s highly offensive and insensitive. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe they sent something like that home,” Trameka Brown-Berry, a parent of a 9-year-old boy in the class, said. ‘Not only was my son in an awful position, but the students who weren’t black — that’s what keeps racism going.”

Jim Van Dellen, the school’s principal, issued a half-baked apology, having said the assignment demanded no answer because “there are no good reasons for slavery.” He said the homework was something that was “intended to spark debate.”

The assignment is no longer part of the school’s curriculum, Dellen said. He declined to say whether the teacher responsible for the assignment will face discipline, KPRC reported.

Other community members believe the school could do more to remedy the issue. “And for it to be a Christian school, they could say something like, ‘what are three good things we can do to prevent slavery from happening?’” Andrea Michel, a member of a meeting group promoting safe safes for people, said to Fox 6.

Brown-Berry wanted people to challenge injustices and disturbing incidents like that at the Lutheran school.

“Speak up. Tell your story. That is how you go about change. That’s what I was trying to model for my son,” she said.


‘3 Good Reasons For Slavery:’ Wisconsin Teacher’s Assignment Shut Down By Parents was originally published on newsone.com

2 thoughts on “‘3 Good Reasons For Slavery:’ Wisconsin Teacher’s Assignment Shut Down By Parents

  1. I think this is a reasonable question to help children and parents understand the thought process behind the concept of slavery. While we can all agree that it is a bad policy it was not a bad idea in the minds of some people. If we can understand what and how they were thinking it goes a long way towards providing a discussion basis to help change some of those mindsets. We as Black people still need to learn that while we may see somethings as wrong it is also important to understand the rational or mindset behind them so they can be changed.

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