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The other day we told you about the split between Angela Simmons and her baby daddy, Sutton Tennyson, now comes word on what may have been the reason or at least what contributed to it.

Perhaps the cryptic message she posted over the weekend was a clue:


Meanwhile, Bossip is reporting that during their relationship, Tennyson was dealing with a felony drug trafficking charge.

“Police arrested Tennyson near the Los Angeles Airport in March 2015 and charged him with felony transportation and sale of marijuana, court records show. He fought the case until fairly recently when he made a deal with prosecutors and plead “no contest” to a misdemeanor weed trafficking charge, and was sentenced to 30 days community service and a suspended four-month jail sentence, according to the LA District Attorney’s Office.”

The case is now closed, but Tennyson is still fighting other legal battles. The Ford Motor Co. sued him in Sept. 2017 for breach of contract, alleging he stopped paying on his car lease. The company wants the balance due – about $3,200 – plus legal fees. Tennyson has yet to respond to the suit.

Dude sounds messy. We would think Angela could do a lot better than that.

On the other hand, dude supposedly to the ATL and snapped up a four bedroom, 4,200 square foot McMansion for $431,000. In any event, check out the full story at Bossip.

Also, as of this posting, neither Simmons or Tennyson have spoken on their split.

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9 thoughts on “Angela Simmons’ Baby Daddy Faced Drug Charges

  1. @Passing Through – judge ye not unless ye be judged! What she does with her private life and with whom is her damn business!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    So what in you allowed someone to love you wrong ??? WTH does “love you wrong” mean? She’s not the first woman to fall for the wrong man, HELL, ask any of us have we been through it. Cry your tears yo, then dry dem janks and move on to the next. Crying over a damn criminal, please. Your dad probably tried to warn you, but as usual we know every damn thing.

      • Hopefully, she’s learned not to be a baby mama for the next love of life. Get married and stop being these guys’ options and stop being a damn baby mama. So much potential with so little self-esteem.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    So miss self-proclaimed virgin saved herself only to give her virginity away to a drug dealer criminal….Smh

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