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TROY, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama woman said Friday that police officers severely beat her black 17-year-old son while he was handcuffed and she wants answers from authorities about what happened.

Angela Williams shared a photo of her son’s bloodied face on Facebook and it went viral. Representatives for the family said Ulysses Wilkerson was startled by police on the night of Dec. 23 and he ran away. Officers caught up to him and beat him, they said.

Pike County District Attorney Tom Anderson told CNN police said they used force after Wilkerson reached into his waistband for what they feared might be a weapon. Troy police told WHDN-TV that Wilkerson has been charged with resisting arrest and obstruction, both misdemeanors.

Family members, some of them wearing All Lives Matter T-shirts, held a news conference Friday and spoke about how Wilkerson was another example of police mistreatment of African-Americans. The family said authorities have not told them what happened.

“I’m in the dark, and I should be the last one in the dark,” Williams said.

Police in the city of Troy have been tightlipped about what happened and said state authorities are investigating. It’s not clear what race the arresting officers were.

Wilkerson’s father, Ulysses Wilkerson Jr., told the station his son’s eye socket was cracked and his brain was swollen. The family is holding a rally Saturday, in part to seek justice for their son and bring attention to his case.


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28 thoughts on “Alabama Police Beat 17-Year-Old Black Teen

  1. Mo Love on said:

    If, your not following the Principal of the Holy Word of God….then you can expect people to be ignorant on this website.

  2. Reallyy on said:

    Amazing how racists come on this racists website every time there is a story about Obama or a black person being beaten or killed by police to say they deserved it or talk about how horrible all blacks are. The judges of and authority on all things black. But they are not racists it’s the blacks that apparently invented racism. Insane.

    • Who the F do you think you are kidding you POS? You blacks are the most violent racists I have ever met hands down. This is from personal experience. You attack white people just for walking in a black neighborhood. You teach your children to hate Europeans from a young age

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      He’s right dude, this punk had a gun, ran from police, and resisted arrest. But if it makes you feel better to call others racists for simply stating facts, then just keep your head in the sand, I sure things will improve with that tact.

  3. The black checklist for situations like this one.
    Make sure you teach your son to “never stop for deb white debils” from an early age. It doesn’t matter they are white devils.

    Get the libtard media and assorted libtard news organizations like the Huffington Post. they can quickly post pictures of your son when he was 12 and will just ingnore the current ones with a grill and tattoos. They will make sure he was a honor roll student.
    Hire a racist affirmative action lawyer like Crump. This buffoon will make sure use of the racist, anti-white caste system and claim racism at every step. Get Big Bad Al Sharpon involved he can get away with inciting riots with zero repercussions. \

  4. Mac Daddy on said:

    This is what I see….11:52 PM….ran from police….failed to obey orders once the police caught him….reached in his waistband. If my son did that to the police and they didn’t beat the #$%$ out of him….I WOULD!!!!!! Black women please step up your parenting game.

  5. Tim Green on said:

    On one hand a 17yo kid wondering around closed businesses at midnight does sound suspicious & him supposedly running when the cops pulled up could be “suspicious” too, other articles claim the police retrieved a gun when they retraced the path the kid ran … BUT REGARDLESS its hard to believe that beating this kids face in was some how a necessary or appropriate response, NO POLICE FORCE TEACHES anything about beating someones face in if theyre “non compliant, resisting arrest” or whatever else you wanna call what he was supposedly doing

  6. specialt757 on said:

    “All Lives Matter”? Obviously not to the cops who beat this kid almost to death. This family could put a match to those t-shirts because they should know as long as black lives don’t matter, all lives can’t matter, don’t be hoodwinked. To quote americanize “we have no friends” unite or die

    • Queen B on said:

      I’m sure their fine upstanding honor roll student “dint do nuffin” and the police just picked on him because of his skin color… wait… what? He was messing around a building in an area plagued with thefts and burglaries?? He failed to comply with police? He had a gun?? Well, imagine that…

    • Hey b-tch! Like that st skittles Traygone martin! The racist piece of s-it who by jeantels own admission called zimmerman a creepy ass cracka and attacked him! Or maybe like angel michael brown who at the age of 18 already have multiple felony arrests and attacked a cop! If the POS hadn’t attacked a cop he would still be alive. You are the biggest losers in history!

  7. more to this than what’s being said, is this just another example of cops beating AA’s or is it another example of AA juveniles engaging in criminal behavior resisting arrest (Michael Brown)and this is the result

    • Yeah because those damn cops never do anything close to criminal behavior. Give me a Break, The blk man is always guilty before being proven innocent.

    • Here we go again…”he reached in his waistband for what they appeared might be a weapon.”

      Did they find a weapon? Or anything resembling anything? Probably not. But keep on using that “I feared for my life” bullsh*t.

      Charged him with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice? What crime did the boy commit preceding these two misdemeanor charges that would warrant as @ss beating like that?

      The people of Alabama spoke out on Roy Moore, keep the momentum going and do something about the racist police roaming your state.

      Wilkerson (Williams), will definitely be getting paid from the taxpayers of Alabama all because of their inept, incompetent racist police.

    • specialt757 on said:

      @jhuf, I guess we should wait for the dash or body cam footage. I really would like to see what this kid did to deserve this a$$ whoppin’. Engaging in criminal activity warrants an arrest, not a brutal beat down.

      • Queen B on said:

        Would you agree that when an officer tells you to show your hands and you ignore that request and reach for your waistband instead that action could warrant a beat down?

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