There’s a viral video that has circulated the internet about Keaton Jones a boy from Tennessee who was bullied. His mother took the video of him crying and asking people not to bully which received an outpour of love from celebrities of all backgrounds.

Upon further research into the background of the boy’s family, it was found that his mother may be a suspected racist. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Aiyesha Callahan a reporter from The Root who broke the story about the mother and has received harsh backlash.

“It didn’t sit well with me as far as the mother putting the video of her son in distress on social media…It just seemed weird. After that, I noticed someone posted a screenshot of her Facebook page and I went to her Facebook page myself and saw all of her confederate flags and she was making references to the athletes protesting the national anthem and the flag you know calling them babies and butthurt Americans,” explained Callahan. “Which is usually what you know these, you know I want to say yes racist people. This is the commentary they’ve used over the past year when it comes to not supporting the protest in the NFL.”

Along with the mothers Facebook page, a GoFundMe page was created for Keaton which left people with many questions about why Jones would need a GoFundMe page just because he was bullied.

“The creator of the GoFundMe page said he took it offline because he doesn’t know what to do now as far as all the accusations about the mother,” explains Callahan.

No one is coming after Keaton because they understand that he was being bullied but the issue is with the mother and what she would do with the money. “What’s the purpose of it? Why was this GoFundMe created, to begin with? You know, why does he need $58,000 after being bullied,” asked Callahan.


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