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“A network we were talking to was intrigued I was doing real estate. I said, ‘But, I’m a singer,’” laughed gospel’s living legend Deleon Richards-Sheffield about how she became involved in a reality show. Deleon was the youngest gospel artist ever signed to a major record deal. She released her debut album at eight years old then made history again, as the youngest to be garnered a Grammy Award nomination – Michael Jackson was the previous title holder.

Last month, Deleon launched a reality show, Sheffield Real Estate, on the FYI Network (a division of A&E Networks).“A few years ago we were talking about my music, looking at other options on how I could get out there – I was doing real estate (at the time). They were more interested in that…If you like ‘house hunter” type shows you will like this show. It has the same formula.”

Deleon’s mother Debbie has been a real estate agent for over 30 years, while managing her daughters’ singing career. During that time, Deleon assisted her.


Sheffield Real Estate airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. PT/ET and follows Deleon as she handles life with her three sons and her husband former MLB star Gary Sheffield  as she works with her mother in the real estate business,“It’s fun! You get to see the interaction between my mom and myself and how I balance that being wife to my husband – sports players are pretty needy,” she said with a giggle. Deleon married Sheffield in 2000.

“My mothers’ been in real estate for over 30 years…she has seen it all. While I was singing, she was with me on the road – on the phone…making deals happen. I was her assistant.”

Deleon says her mother was even awarded as a top seller.

“I saw her do 60 plus transactions a year when she was with Century 21,” Deleon added. “My mother feels like she knows a lot and at times we bump heads…because I feel I got an idea that may be different from hers….but I know how to get it done.”

The issues that come with being a real estate partner with a winning expert, the issues that come with being a Gospel living legend, that come with being the mother of three boys and those that come with being the wife of a living legend baseball player is what viewers will see when they tune into “Sheffield Real Estate.”

You can log onto for more information on Sheffield Real Estate. It airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m.

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