Rev. Al Sharpton: Alabama Needs To Get Out And Vote!


As of December 7,2017, Keisha Lance Bottoms was declared the winner of the mayoral election in Atlanta proving that showing up to vote makes a big deal. Rev. Al Sharpton encourages us all to get out and vote especially in Alabama race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones.

“You can’t read the polls. You have to go to the polls. I hope the people in Alabama are watching that,” expressed Sharpton. “We must get out and make our votes count.”

Sharpton challenges the people of Alabama, asking, “the question is whether you show up to the polls or sit down and watch it”

It’s important to note that change can happen. “It’s a lesson even in the era of Trump that you can get up and do something,” explained Sharpton.

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One thought on “Rev. Al Sharpton: Alabama Needs To Get Out And Vote!

  1. The minority vote does not really even matter in Alabama.
    Its those REDNECKS/TRAILER TRASH that folks should be worried about.
    These are the same folks who SUPPORTED CHUMP.

    So we all know where this Alabama election is going-down the drain, if the people
    cast their vote for that PEDOPHILE Moore.

    Moore is simply a 21st century version of George Wallace.

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