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Comedian & actor DeRay Davis has previously spoken about how being in a polyamorous relationship works for him.

The“Hip Hop Squares” host guest co-hosted “The Real” recently and opened up further about being in a relationship with two different women, and he’s living with them both — and they all have sex together, of course.

“I’ve been with one for five years; the other one for about… 2 ½ years… They’re very comfortable, cause I’m very open, I don’t make it where it’s all “Oh, look what I’m doing!” I’m not a player,” he said.

Peep what he had to say about his lifestyle below.

DeRay starred in an Oxygen reality show called “Living With Funny” last year with his girlfriends Coco and Caro.

“Yeah yeah, it’s a “lifestyle” that consenting adults agree to. And it’s “different” from an open relationship or cheating. We get it,” he said.

Last year, DeRay told The Tom Joyner Morning Show, “A lot of women share the same men and they have no idea so I just decided to be honest. I was tired of getting my tires slashed.”

In related news, DeRay Davis is bringing the laughs to Netflix on Nov. 14 with his stand-up comedy special DeRay Davis: How To Act Black.

It will be his first stand-up routine for the streaming site. The show was reportedly filmed at Atlanta’s historic Variety Playhouse.

Peep the trailer below:


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6 thoughts on “DeRay Davis Says ‘I’m Not A Player’, On Living With Two Girlfriends

  1. Yes!! You would have to have low to no self worth to agree to that. So sad these young women have no self worth and some of these stars think they are so wonderful they can brag about living with two fools!!

    End days!!

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