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If you had the chance to work with Tom Joyner, would you? Well, Deray Davis would! He says, “I’m in here lobbying for a job with you right now!”

Davis has a 3-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter and says he’s a pretty good dad. “I mean I’m pretty strict. We have a respect level that is big. She’s not doing anything crazy. She’s not half as crazy as me!”

When asked if he was watching the NFL Davis said, “I have not. I didn’t even know the season started. I had the chance to meet with him (Colin Kaepernick) and I appreciate everything that he is doing.  I hope it works out for him because he’s good.”

Now Davis knows R. Kelly, Usher, and Kevin Hart pretty well and offered his 2 cents about their current issues. Listen above to hear what he has to say!

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