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Who wouldn’t want Oprah on their network, let alone doing a show for them! It’d be a pretty great experience for all parties involved.

However, the need is dire in the case of CBS. Page Six reports that the company is begging Oprah to fill in the spot of Charlie Rose on their morning show “CBS This Morning.”

Alongside her best friend Gayle King and co-host Norah O’Donnell, Oprah would fill the void and provide a distraction from Charlie Rose and his sexual harassment allegations to which he admitted to.

A TV insider told Page Six, “They are begging Oprah to fill in. Not full time…But they are hoping she’ll do one day, two days, one hour, fill in ’til Christmas. Anything.”

There have been reports that CBS was looking to rotate co-host from the talent that they already have. However, compared to their competitors like ABC and NBC news, they don’t possess the same amount of well-known stars.

It just so happened that Oprah joined CBS when she became a part of the “60 Minutes” team in September producing a series of shows. CBS had previously tried for 5 years to get Winfrey to work with them. An insider commented, “Unless you get a superstar (on the show), it’s always going to be. ‘Charlie’s missing.’”

It seems that CBS is scrambling to get a host and would really love it if Oprah can fill in for them in the wake of Charlie Rose’s ordeal.

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(Source: Page Six)

(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

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7 thoughts on “Oprah To The Rescue: CBS Is Begging Her To Fill In On ‘CBS This Morning’

  1. Hell no then cbs this morning will become the Oprah Winfrey show. It won’t be a news show but a show whereas stay at home mom and husband watch when they’re at home taking care of children.
    It’s Oprah’s friend Gayle time to shine now not Oprah

  2. Hell Oprah couldn’t save her own network my, my ; how soon we forget Tyler Perry had to recuse Oprah. KICK Gayle’s azz OFF the Show looking like a dude, Nobody watches CBS morning show anymore. SEND GAYLE PACKING. Oprah find your friend/mate Gayle aOthet Job #GirlGetGone

    • You are so right, if anything they should be rid of Gayle
      She’s downright boring to say the least and seems to be a thorn I’d the side. She turned on Charlie Rose so quickly as she wants it to be The Gayle King Show. She needs to go. I feel so badly for Norah.

  3. Please, that ugly Gayle and Oprah would make Norah o Donnells life miserable. It’s a shame how CBS allows Gayle to push Norah around. I think Norah should start shopping around. Working with Gayle is probable hard enough for her. Then Oprah too. Too much

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