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When it comes to the specifics about her job at the White House, Omarosa Manigault’s role isn’t exactly clear — not even to her.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Elaina Plott reports that while the Apprentice star has a top salary and a high-ranking job at the White House, when the reporter spent time with Omarosa, it was all about the wedding she was planning.

Plott reached out to Donald Trump’s communications director for the Office of Public Liaison and asked what her day-to-day consists of, and Manigault’s reply was simple: “Everything.”

When Plott met with Omarosa for part one of what was supposed to be a two-part interview, the reality TV star explained that it was “a very, very busy day” because it was the day of her bridal party luncheon at the White House. So, the interview turned into Omarosa being “shadowed” by the reporter.“You can see me in action,” Manigault claimed.

“Omarosa’s White House life is a constant blend of the weighty business of the U.S. government and the never-ending personal demands of that very moment,” according to Potts.

“She orders grits and sausage from the mess, which, for reasons that remain unclear, we do not pick up, but instead sashay along to the next task.”

Shadowing the close Trump ally revealed her hard image was softened a little by shouts of “Hey, girl!” and “later, gator” to fellow colleagues.

When her fiancé calls, Manigault answers with a request to call back on her “secure line.”

“At some point we are looking for a certain Josh, though we don’t ever locate him,” Plott says of following Omarosa around the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The reporter revealed she never found out why this “Josh” was needed.

“As we knock on the door to one office, she finally muffles an answer as to what we’re doing: ‘…the faith communities, does anyone need to be blessed…’”

Plott asked Republicans what their impressions were of the reality star’s whirlwind morning.

“Wait, Hope [Hicks] let you follow [Omarosa] around?” one source asked Plott. Hicks wasn’t chairing the communications office at the time. “So Sean [Spicer] let you?” Spicer wasn’t leading the department then either. “Christ,” the source replied. “No one in the comms department knew a random reporter was walking around the West Wing. This is why people think we’re a sh*t show.”

Since >Gen. John Kelly took over as Chief of Staff, there are rumors that Manigault is on the outs.

“Before Kelly, any right-wing extremist could barrel into the Oval Office and slap their personal manifesto on the boss’ desk to putrefy into government policy,” comedian Samantha Bee said during a September episode.

The second half of the interview never took place.

“In a trend familiar to lovelorn folks nationwide, Omarosa ghosted me. Dozens of calls, emails, and texts over the course several months have gone unreturned.”

Plott revealed that she “learned little more than the fact that she was getting married,” when searching for what exactly Manigault did all day.

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20 thoughts on “Report: No One Is Quite Sure What Omarosa Does In Trump Administration

    • Robert velez on said:

      Omarosa is Trump’s mistress no it’s and buts about it! Notice how you never see Omarosa and Melania Trump in the same room and the fact that she does not nothing for Trump except wait for him in bed really determines her life’s mission!

  1. The Urban Poet Potts on said:

    People do not get it..2 B in da House oppose to being in da Field The Master has granted you privileges to rome about upon which youve earned by way of a particular self value or service….Im the old days it was called blackmail..!!..#somanyBOMBSunexploaded

  2. Gloria C on said:

    Her role is to shuffle around and be black for massa Trump! This idiot really believes Trump likes her! Cut it out OMAROSA….JUST CUT IT THE HELL OUT!

    • The Urban Poet Potts on said:

      People do not get it..2 B in da House oppose to being in da Field The Master has granted you privileges to rome about upon which youve earned by way of a particular self value or service….Im the old days it was called blackmail..!!..#somanyBOMBSunexploaded

  3. Republican hypocrites on said:

    I know her title
    She’s the
    H HEAD
    I IN
    responsibilities – pass out pacifiers to other
    negro leaders and tell them
    Stop complaining,whats the
    Matter with being a second
    Class citizen,hey your not
    Picking cotton are you.and
    not on the plantation ok.

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    She has no role she’s a black prop hire like Looney Ben Carson. Racist always keep a coon or two on hand they come in handy when they want to pretend to help black colleges or make a trip to the black museum, or honor MLK day. If you notice we never see or hear Omarosa or Ben until he want to push them out front for something black or get looney Ben black fool ass to brown noes, boot lick and defend him for something and say he’s not racist. trump hates black people he would never allow either one of them or any black person to have any real power in his cabinet. He only put these 2 dummies out front during the campaign season now he’s elected he has no use for them. Omarosa made a comment “trump rewards loyalty” this Aunt Jemima believes that she will be rewarded for selling out…LOL! She learned nothing from all the people trump has s**ted on. Ask Jeff Sessions does trump reward loyalty.

    • americanize on said:

      Passing Through Real Talk. That coon thinks she owes 45 loyalty because of the apprentice,but its just a matter of time when he asked her to let him feel that black pu**y.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        She’d probably let him feel the black box…LOL! What am I saying, she would, he’s probably already felt the black box.

    • Please, you are not talking about this woman who do things to backstab people. It has NOTHING to do with her education. You can be educated and a fool.

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