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As EUR previously reported, Tyrese Gibson recently submitted financial docs to the court in his ongoing war with ex-wife Norma Gibson.

In an effort to confirm his financial woes, the actor provided evidence that reportedly only pulls in $105,686 every month but his monthly expenses amount to $107,576, which puts him in the red.

According to The Blast, some of his monthly dues include paying $7,500 in childcare for his 10-year-old daughter Shayla, $9,744 in groceries and $14,869 for his home’s mortgage; however, the court documents state the actor-singer has $884,658 in cash and savings, and his property is worth $1,761,250.

In an Instagram video that he shared before a court hearing early this month, Tyrese broke down in tears claiming he spends $13,000 per month in legal fees in his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife, and he pleaded for financial help.

According to the court documents, Tyrese has already paid his attorney $68,055 but still owes $133,750.

He also claimed in a separate Instagram post that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him $5 million to help out with his expenditures. But the power couple denies this and a source close to the Smiths claim that they are worried about Gibson’s mental health.

Meanwhile, Missy Elliott took to Instagram to offer some financial advice about living within your means.

She captioned the clip: Trying to make ends meet? Well you can’t be embarrassed to DOWN SIZE! A WISE person NOT gonna spend all their Coins [dollar emoji] trying to empress erbody else! A WISE person gonna save up their [money emoji] & get only what they can afford so they can always LIVE COMFORTABLY secondly It’s NEVER to late 2 LEARN! Surround yaself with people who about their business & NOT those ones who is LAZY! U need those homies that will help inspire u to stay on TOP of yo own [poop emoji]

Fans were quick to correlate Missy’s advice to Tyrese’s money troubles.

Regardless of whether she’s talking about him or not — do you think Missy has a point?


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11 thoughts on “Missy Elliot Offers Some Financial Words Of Wisdom To Tyrese

  1. I have a hard time showing any kind of sympathy for this fool since he puts all his business on social media. He said he spends $9,744 in groceries. Better leave that fancy food and alcohol alone and stop trying to impress “friends” and keeping up with the Joneses. Humble himself and learn to eat hamburger helper and oodles of noodles. $7,500 in childcare for his 10-year-old daughter. Shouldn’t she be in school? Sell that house and get a condo or an apartment he can afford.

  2. Money is fickle. You can have plenty today (and do not let IRS get there and get a cut) and nothing tomorrow; and be broke today and rich tomorrow.

    • I don’t think it’s so much the money that’s “fickle”, moreso, it’s the people who have been entrusted with handling it that are sometimes irresponsible. There is no excuse for someone like Tyrese, who has made a very generous salary over the years, to go “broke” while simultaneously partaking of unnecessary extravagances, especially when he knew what his expenses were before he went begging on Social Media for his “rich friends” to help him. Bottom line is that he needs to be a better Steward of what he’s been blessed with. It doesn’t cost a thing to downsize and save…

  3. Yes, she ABSOLUTELY has a point! This article failed to mention that Tyrese’s ignant (yes, ignant) behind also has a fully functioning Starbucks and a fully functioning Benihana’s IN his house, yet he wanna go on social media and cry broke, begging his rich friends for money, and lying about people paying his legal fees! He has his daughter back now, so let’s see what he does to try and mitigate further financial stress in the future. 🙄

      • Dr Larry on said:

        Please do us all a favor Amber and take an English 101 class. Damn gurl, I cant figure out what you’re saying even with the Ebonics translator. Thanks in advance

      • Amber, they definitely weren’t “temporary” because he has done interviews where he explains why he not only had a Starbucks and a Benihana-type restaurant built at his home, but also a Nightclub! He says he did it because he has a lot of famous friends who can’t ‘comfortably’ be seen out in public at those kind of places without being harassed by the public, so in essence, this was his solution. 😒 Smh…

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