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Shemar Moore has had it with the rumors about him dating Phaedra Parks and being gay.

In an Instagram post, Moore shut it all down calling out Instagram accounts The Shade Room and Baller Alert and setting the record straight once and for all.

Because he was “in the mood”, the S.W.A.T. actor did a run through starting with the rumors of him and Parks.

“Phaedra Parks met her one time at a talk show, a year ago, flirted with her and kissed on her drink with her at the talk show,” Moore explained.


People were accusing him of being in his feelings like Tyrese which he promptly replied, “Oh, Shemar in his feeling just like Tyrese nope. Tyrese go fight for your daughter all good.”

But the burning question that everyone’s been asking for years, “Is Shemar Moore gay?”

“Shemar Moore’s gay. He’s in the closet. He likes little boys,” he said. “Nope, I love women. He don’t like Black women, nope, I love women…”

And if you didn’t think he was getting any than think again as he proudly said, “Okay? Do I like sex? Hell yeah, I like sex and I get mine.”

Moore doesn’t seem to be playing any games, he’s serious. And for those who were riding him on this stuff, it may be time to lay down.




9 thoughts on “‘0 To 100 Real Quick: Shemar Moore Has Had Enough!

  1. Jia Ross on said:

    Am just a southern girl I do admire any man who feels that he doesn’t have broadcast his life now or to come.If he spills his enter soul to any one who ask than he has no life at all.

  2. Ppl need to get a damn life. These same ppl commenting about him and his sex life probably aren’t getting any sex their damn selves. I wouldn’t say sh*t to these haters. Haters are going to hate, no matter what.

  3. Chastity on said:

    That is right, Shemar!! You tell them. It is no one’s business who he is dating. If he is smart and apparently he is, he will keep his romantic life private. “Stay fine at 47!!” He surely damn is!!!

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