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Eric Braeden or better known as Victor Newman from the hit soap opera The Young & The Restless is celebrating 37 years on the iconic show. He’s got a new book called I’ll Be Damned that goes through his entire life.

“When I open a book, I always look at the pictures first,” joked Braeden.

Everyone knows Braeden for the show and readily associates him with his character Victor Newman. However, Sybil pointed out that not many people know about his life that the book gives. Specifically growing up in Nazi Germany and what the current political climate here looks like to him.

“The situation in Germany when that man took over was an entirely different situation. There was a real economic need, there was depression, worldwide depression…Unlike this clown who is President here now claims that we need to make American great again. America is great, America is the strongest nation in the world.”

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