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A Memphis woman is in jail after admitting to choking and beating her 10-year-old son with an extension cord, but she claims that her son took his own life by stabbing himself in the chest with a kitchen knife.

WMC Action News reports that officers were called to the apartment of Robin McKinzie October 30, 2017. There they found the body of 10-year-old Jaheem McKinzie. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead.

McKinzie told police during the investigation that she was disciplining her son when she beat and choked him with the extension cord.

In anger, the 10-year-old ran into the kitchen and proceeded to stab himself in the chest. McKinzie is charged with aggravated child abuse and child endangerment. She does not face charges in the death of her son.


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(Source: WMC Action News)

(Photo Credit: WMC Action News Screen Shot)

18 thoughts on “Memphis Woman Admits To Choking Her Son Before He Killed Himself

  1. Mac Been I thank God that you and “Dr” Larry refrained from commenting about the boy who is being denied a transplant from his father

  2. specialt757 on said:

    @Michael C.
    If you’re asking that about Mac Ben “stupid” is too generous of a word to describe his intellect.
    If you’re asking about the woman in the article, she’s real stupid and her son’s death is on her head, I hope her nightmares hunt her for decades to come. Although back in the old day, extension cords were used as a weapon to discipline, it was wrong then and wrong now. There are much better ways to discipline your children and if you can think on their level, you don’t even have to use brute force.

  3. ….Andrea Yates drowned her children in the tub; Susan Smith drove her two little boys into the water because she wanted to be with a man……….so slither yo ass back under the rock from where you came…..!!!!!!

      • Asswipe Ben, I am on topic – – women abusing and/or killing their children. Your asswipe counterpart cannot make a blanket statement such as he did about the worst stewards of life and limit it to just one ethnic group and/or gender…..statistical analysis does not work that way. Oh, that might be a little over your head…..

  4. So Larry, that’s why white women wanted Black women to play mame and nanny to their children…..right? Riiight. White women kill their children on a far greater scale than Black women on any given day…..recent police conclusion – – mother drives her Range Rover over 50 foot cliff killing herself and her two children. Go sit your ignorant ass down somewhere.

      • specialt757 on said:

        pat women of all ethnic groups do harm to their children, what makes this punk bitch right?

      • Pat, what makes this cave animal right? Evil knows no gender or ethnicity so his comment carries no logical weight. This mother was wrong in her actions but so are and have been numerous other mothers across all ethnic backgrounds.

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