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68-year-old Nancy James came face-to-face in a courtroom with the teenager who body-slammed her at a pool party after she asked his friends to lower their music.

The grandmother approached the teens at a pool party near her house in North Lauderdale, Fl., in May. Inside Edition reports that the shocking footage showed her being body-slammed by a then-16-year-old, dragged, and thrown into the pool. Prior to the incident, James had undergone hip and heart procedures.

“What he did was a very cruel thing. Very cruel. Very inhuman,” she told the court, before addressing him directly. “You have so much ahead of you. You’re a young kid. You’ve got college. You got hopes. You got dreams, and you know what, unfortunately, this will follow you, forever.”

Judge Elijah Williams agreed.

“For the rest of his life when they Google his name, that video is going to pop up, so essentially, he’s a dead man walking,” the judge said.

Leon’s mother, Shekita Johnson, said: “I just want to apologize to you for what my son did. I didn’t raise my child that way.

The teenager also had words for James.

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart that I had no intention of inflicting any pain or harm on you,” he said.

James’ compassion for the troubled youth spared him time in jail. According to reports, she was willing to accept his sentence of 200 hours of community service and a strict 8 p.m. curfew on school days, and 6 p.m. on weekends.

The teen, whose father is allegedly in prison for manslaughter, was also ordered to pay James $200 to replace her cell phone that got damaged during the attack.

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30 thoughts on “Grandmother Confronts Teen Who Body-Slammed Her At Pool Party

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Thank God for God’s grace and mercy and this woman is not related to you. Sadly, statistics show that this young man will likely serve time in prison or spend eternity in a graveyard before he reaches the age of 25. Perhaps this is God’s “out” for this young man, perhaps not. I don’t think anyone here feels this young man does not deserve to be in prison,(except maybe one) he absolutely did the wrong thing. But I’m glad this lady was willing to give him some hope for a brighter future.

  2. Sorry folks, that comment I made don’t make sense LOL. I need to proofread. I’m glad y’all can’t see my face. I’m saying is he should have got community service. That’s only if you want to help him become a better person. If you don’t care and we habilitating a young 16 year old kid then yes send him to jail or prison and he will come out worse. next time he won’t slam the old lady he will shoot her in the face. So yes community service in a nursing home or something to do with older people. Curfew I do believe they made the best decision in his sentence. Not many young black men get that opportunity so I hope you make good with it. most young black men would have went to jail or prison for assault. I really appreciate that lady seeing and wanting to help him even though he did that crappy thing.

  3. I don’t think he deserve to go to jail for that it wouldn’t have done much good. He would have got out worse. They did the right thing he needed to do community service in a nursing home. He need to before to spend time with older people sit down and talk to them. Seeing that boy to jail North his father is in prison for manslaughter he went to nurse coming out curfew and he has so he’s not going to be to hang with those bad boys he may get his school work. He may become Summit in all of this mess that is awful. These young people do not have any respect for elders. maybe because some of these Elders right here maybe because some of these Elders right here or worse maybe because some of these Elders right now overstand the children. Lord we need to pray for this country. The house agree with Phil Donahue American going to hell in a handbasket.

  4. KicksandGiggles on said:

    I believe in consequences for behavior. This woman could have died. “Sorry” just doesn’t cut it. I wonder what kind of kid he was prior to this. Was he fairly average or a trouble maker? If he was an average kid, then possibly yes consider community service. However if he were a troubled kid, this sentence does nothing consequential or impactful.

  5. pac4me on said:

    All I can say is that Mrs James showed a tremendous amount of forgiveness for this young man and God’s grace was there too because had it not been for her, he surely would have faced some time in jail (where he belonged) and then for him to say that he didn’t intend to inflict any pain – hmm what did he think body slamming does to a person? I’m sure his mother didn’t raise him that way (we never do) and hopefully this will set this young man on the straight and narrow even though as the judge said, this will follow him for the rest of his life. What reputable employer does he think will be willing to give him a second chance? Stupid is as stupid does!

  6. Wanda Dancy on said:

    Awe man. And NOT ONE PERSON TRIED TO STOP HIM. Thank God for Grace and Mercy. If she had said something totally different at his trial, he may not have gotten off so easily.

  7. African American Woman on said:

    If this was one of my relatives, him saying he didn’t mean to inflict any harm would have erased any sympathy I could have had for him. That statement shows lack of responsibility. I would want him charged and prosecuted for what he did and let him learn his lesson and think about the bad choices he may NOT want to make in the future.

  8. Evet Berry, I by no stretch of the imagination condone what this young man did, however, this is his moment of grace to prove people like you wrong. I hope you were as equally full of disdain for tghe young white boy that drove drunk, killed and maimed people and got off on a damn defense of affluenza. What this young man did was certainly far less worse than that, still wrong, but less. I hope when you need grace at a time in your life that is given unto you.

  9. Evet berry on said:

    This kid is the worst of the worst. I cannt believe how he can fool you guys. If he could be this cold hearted to a 68 year old , there is not sympathy from me. He needs to in jail with his father. Give him a few years and I my sure that he be in the new for murdering women and children.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Perhaps your prediction is true, perhaps not, we’ll have to wait and see. However, you are dead wrong to say he is the worst of the worst. Perhaps you missed the shooting deaths of the nine church parishioners who the lil white boy killed while minding their own business. Or since your hate is probably directed at his race, you obviously missed the murders of the 58 concert goers in Vegas. I think those two could be considered the worse than this young man, don’t you agree?

  10. hoodtechie on said:

    what if that had been a 16 year old white kid body slamming a 68 year old black grandmother and tossing her ass in the pool.this website,rev. al & jessie,naacp etc. would all be calling for a hate crime.

  11. He’s always going to be under the microscope so he better not even fart in the wrong place. He needs to show Mrs. James that he’s learned from his mistake and will be a great citizen.

  12. If he had no intentions of inflicting any pain or harm on Ms. James, what exactly were his intentions when he body slammed a 68-year old woman onto concrete and threw her into a pool? To show affection? He should be eternally grateful for Ms. James’s compassionate nature. It could have turned out so much worse for him. He could have wound up being his daddy’s cellie. Or worse if her family were of a different mindset. I hope he takes full advantage of the second chance he’s been given.

  13. Should Have Spent Time In Behind Bars on said:

    He could have killed her. Sorry but if that was my mother he wouldn’t have gotten off so easy, I would have made sure of that.

    • yes he could have killed her. But he didn’t. You have other cases. When young teenagers did Kill and serve no time because it was rich. I wonder what you thinking about the five young teenage white youth. That threw rocks Boulders really over the bridge and kill a man a father. And injured some people should they go to jail or prison that’s my question what do you think about that.

      • Stop dragging race into every damn thing. No one is saying the kid should have gone to jail because he’s black, or that the retards that threw rocks off a bridge should not be jailed because they’re white. Just stop.

  14. americanize on said:

    Yes I hope the young brother learns a lesson from this,had that woman drowned his whole life would have changed for the worst.

  15. Cnsidering how we’re living in the world of trump, this teen was very lucky. I hope he will learn from this and go on to live a productive life.

  16. specialt757 on said:

    He was acting like a complete jackass, showing out in front of his ignorant ass peers. He’s a very lucky young man, Mrs. James saw and cared about his future even when he did not. There are good people out here even when they face ugliness from others. I see God in this lady, thank you Mrs. James for being a good person.
    We can only hope lil Mr. Leon, has learned his lesson and can appreciate the generosity of this woman and the judge and stay the F out of trouble.

    • Dee Cee on said:

      Yep, I agree… Mob mentality could have been his downfall. He got a second chance I hope he doesn’t blow it, and also stay away from the crabs he hangs around with.

  17. Grace was extended to him….I hope he uses it to go on with his life and become a positive and productive individual in his adulthood.

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