Chrisette Michele told the world about the issues she’s been dealing with since accepting Donald Trump‘s invite to sing at his inaugural. She talked to Roland Martin about the behind the scenes struggles and backlash she’s received since.

She laments that she was shown the door by her label, she miscarried and was suicidal.



Chrisette Michele is not alone in her Trump based misery if you recall. There’s also the gospel singer and one half of Mary Mary, Tina Campbell who’s also suffering a backlash from fans/supporters because of her admitted choice for president: Donald Trump.

Well, Chrisette feels that she and Tina are being ‘choice shamed’ for their decisions.

She writes,

“Adults do this thing I’d like to call “choice shaming.” It mimics what children do with bullying. It causes a silencing that mutes the people who have made great contributions. We can disagree without division. Stay #StrongBlackWoman”

Ms. Michele you can call it bullying if you want, but the reality is that you and Ms. Campbell are out of step with your constituents. They don’t like what you did and they are sending you a message. It’s your choice how you respond to the message.

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