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When you hear “I’ve got 99 problems but a b**** ain’t one,” you think of the song by Hugo. But what if it made you think about an episode of a T.V. show?

That’s just what the T.V. show TALES does on BET. They take lyrics from hit songs and make mini-episodes from it!

“I’m excited about this episode and it’s really going to be powerful. Young people need to see it because they need to not be silent when it comes to police issues today,” exclaimed Tasha Smith.

She recently directed the episode “99 Problems” that airs on BET on October 24,2017. “It about a young couple within the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s so relevant to what’s going on right now, ” says Smith.

The beauty of this for Smith is being able to see her students perform in her works. “Payton Alex Smith is one of my student’s and he was so young and amazing,” she expressed. “I get a chance to direct them and work with them and see their work on screen.”

Smith is holding her actor’s workshop in Atlanta on October 27-29 and November 10-12 this year. For more information head over to

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