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Former NFL player Antonio Cromartie says he can barely afford to financially take care of his 14 kids, and he’s pleading for mercy with a judge.

According to reports, Cromartie says the $17,000 he pays per month in child support is bleeding his bank accounts dry.

He recently went to court seeking a reduction in support payments to baby mama Rosemita Pierre for his first child, Alonzo.

According to The Blast, Cromartie says the $4,000 per month he pays for Alonzo was based on his salary when he was still playing ball, but he’s not making the type of money he was before the Indianapolis Colts released him last October.

He claims his income is now only $8,333 a month. Additionally, he says his “$17,476 in child support, $8,676 in household expenses, $1,700 on grooming and $4,913 on cars leaves him $25,581 in the hole every month.”

Yup, he pays $5,000 per month — but no word if he ever put money aside for his kids during the height of his career. Hell, he can barely remember their names (see clip below), so…. *KanyeShrug*

Meanwhile, now that he’s retired from football, Cromartie plans on returning to school to attain his degree and become a coach.

In court docs, the 33-year-old lists his net worth around $11.5 million.



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One thought on “Antonio Cromartie Wants Child Support Payments Lowered

  1. Leslie on said:

    Fool shoulda thought about that before he went out there and made 14 babies! Anybody who has had a net worth of 11.5 million dollars, but now claims that his expenses are leaving him $25,000+ in the hole needs their as* whooped! If NOTHING else, he should have saved for his children! I’d bet anything that he hasn’t even set up college funds for any of them. #GetAVasectomyNOW

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