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Former NFL player Antonio Cromartie says he can barely afford to financially take care of his 14 kids, and he’s pleading for mercy with a judge.

According to reports, Cromartie says the $17,000 he pays per month in child support is bleeding his bank accounts dry.

He recently went to court seeking a reduction in support payments to baby mama Rosemita Pierre for his first child, Alonzo.

According to The Blast, Cromartie says the $4,000 per month he pays for Alonzo was based on his salary when he was still playing ball, but he’s not making the type of money he was before the Indianapolis Colts released him last October.

He claims his income is now only $8,333 a month. Additionally, he says his “$17,476 in child support, $8,676 in household expenses, $1,700 on grooming and $4,913 on cars leaves him $25,581 in the hole every month.”

Yup, he pays $5,000 per month — but no word if he ever put money aside for his kids during the height of his career. Hell, he can barely remember their names (see clip below), so…. *KanyeShrug*

Meanwhile, now that he’s retired from football, Cromartie plans on returning to school to attain his degree and become a coach.

In court docs, the 33-year-old lists his net worth around $11.5 million.

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5 thoughts on “Antonio Cromartie Seeks Reduction In Child Support Payments

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Damn, he’s only 33 and his football career is over? Wow, I guess football players really do have the shortest career life span. He should have learned to play baseball, I know it’s got to be some 50 year olds out there still playing and they make bank.
    SN: It’s hard for me to feel empathy for my man, fathering kids does not make you a man, being a father to your kids makes you a man. How can you be a good father with kids all over the country? This is not funny, it’s just damn sad.

  2. I wish I was the judge presiding over this case. First, IF YOU CAN’T PAY…THEN DON’T LAY!!!! There’s birth control for you and her. Not to mention, those that are out to trap you from the get go. Second, everyone else that can’t afford their household expenses usually downsize to something they can afford…PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Next, find a new barber because you are getting ripped off!!!! I’m sure somebody in your family could cut your hair and give you a manicure….AGAIN, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Finally, get rid of all your cars, and get a 15 passenger van. That way you will have room for all 14 of your children!!!! Now, I have SOLVED ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS!!!! AND GUESS WHAT???? I DID IT FOR FREE!!!!:)

  3. Wow 14 kids? At some point a man has to step back and examine his life. At 33 years old, it’s time to grow up. Child support shouldn’t be lowered to accommodate his lifestyle, he should be thinking of ways to accommodate the financial support his children need. When will these men wake up and take responsibility for the children they help bring into the world. Besides financial support, how do you even begin to play an active part in the lives of 14 kids (assuming that they don’t all have the same mother). Come on Antonio!

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