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Police officers in Virginia are investigating a video that went viral of middle school football players pinning Black players down and yelling racial slurs at them.

A video posted on social media depicting students at Short Pump Middle School simulating sex and shouting racial slurs at Black football players has left parents angry.

KSLA news reports that on October 23, 2017, before practice, the incident took place causing one player who was pinned down to skip practice and go home.

The video opens with the caption, “Ever wonder what happens in the football locker room?” with video of a white male simulating sexual acts on top of a Black student.

Further along in the video, there’s another caption saying, “We gonna (expletive) the Black outta these African-American children from Uganda.”

“You see kids in the locker room forcing kids over the bench. You see kids on the ground thrusting on other kids making racial slurs as they’re thrusting …You see the kids asking to get up and to stop and screaming,” said a mother of one of the students involved. She asked not to be identified for her son’s safety.

Even worse, the mother was amazed at how long this was allowed to go on.

The school district was aware of the viral video and issued a statement.

“We are aware of the video, the contents of which are offensive and wrong. The school division will take appropriate action in accordance with our normal procedures. Beyond that, federal law prohibits school divisions from sharing additional information about students,” said Henrico Schools Spokesman Andy Jenks.

Henrico school district supervisor Tyrone Nelson was not pleased with the video at all.

“If I was one of the parents and my kids was pinned on the ground, I’d be angry, “he said.

KSLA took a step further and reached out to the School Board Chair and a board member that represents the middle school. They have not received any response.

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(Source: KSLA news)

(Photo Credit: Think Stock Images)