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WASHINGTON (AP) — A Florida congresswoman on Sunday asked White House chief of staff, John Kelly, to apologize for making false claims about her while defending President Donald Trump’s handling of condolences to a military family.

Her comments and the president’s insulting tweets escalated a political fight surrounding the deaths of four service members in the African nation of Niger.

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson on Sunday called Kelly a “puppet of the president” and accused him of character assassination for asserting that she was grandstanding at a building dedication in the memory of two slain FBI agents in 2015. Kelly said Wilson talked about how she had been the driving force behind raising money for the building, but a video of her remarks contradicted his account.

The four U.S. soldiers were killed Oct. 4 in Niger when they were attacked by militants tied to the Islamic State. Wilson, speaking on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” also criticized what she described as a lack of information from the Trump administration about the ambush.

Trump again criticized her early Sunday, describing Wilson on Twitter as “the gift that keeps on giving for the Republican Party.”

The fight began Tuesday when Trump told the widow of 25-year-old La David Johnson that her husband “knew what he signed up for.” Wilson was riding with the family and heard the call on speakerphone, sharing that comment publicly.

Trump accused Wilson of fabricating that statement, and the fight escalated throughout the week. Trump in other tweets called her “wacky” and accused her of “SECRETLY” listening to the phone call.

Kelly entered the fray on Thursday with his comments about Wilson’s appearance at the FBI field office dedication.

“The character assassination that he went through to call me … ‘an empty barrel,’ and all of the work that I’ve done in this community,” Wilson, who is from the Miami area, said Sunday. “Not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the American people.”

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(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

10 thoughts on “Congresswoman Wants Kelly Apology As Spat With Trump Endures

  1. pac4me on said:

    This is so utterly and totally too much to fathom. Who ever heard of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES going tit for tat on Twitter about something as sensitive as this. A young woman and her baby have just lost their husband and father – regardless of what he knew he was in for (which was not something anybody would say to a fresh widow and certainly not the President) How about a precise and full explanation of what happened to those men. She wants to see his body – either let her or give her a valid reason why she can’t – she needs some closure and peace that it’s really him and that he truly did die for this country of ours.

  2. Passing Through on said:

    Congresswoman Wilson might as well move on and let that mess go if there’s one thing that everyone should have learned by now is that” trump doesn’t apologize.” When he accused the central park 5 of murdering a white woman he took out an ad asking for their execution & when they were found innocent he never apologized to those men. She’s made her point now she needs to move on. If anything she needs to be putting pressure on the administration for answers and keeping the spotlight on Sgt. La David Johnson’s death rather than worrying about an apology.

    • Definitely time wasted. We really do need answers to why they are in Niger in the first place. They don’t have to reveal secret missions, however, they do owe the country an explanation.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I attended a training this Saturday and the speaker said he served with Kelly while in the Marines. He said he had so much admiration and respect for Kelly and at one time Kelly worked for him. He’s known him for more than 25 or 30 years and never would have thought those words would have come out of his mouth. He said he was disappointed that Kelly allowed himself to be in the position he’s in and to defend the indefensible as he has done.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    I think these ladies know they won’t get an apology but they want the world to see what integrity looks like. Kelly, (as my husband’s mother would say “he broke] his plate with me”) LOL!
    I can’t call it but I think it means she won’t feed him anymore LOL! jk

  5. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Kelly or anyone else in Chump’s Klan to apologize.

    These turds will LIE for Chump just so they can KEEP THEIR JOBS!!!!!!!!!!

    Chump is surrounded by toadies. They are all scared that he will say, “you are FIRED.”

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