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The President’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had the nerve to slam Congresswoman Frederica Wilson for telling reporters that #45 told the wife of a fallen soldier that her husband “he knew what he signed up for.

Kelly told the press on Thursday that he was stunned that Wilson shared that private conversation with reporters.

“I was stunned when I came to work yesterday morning and brokenhearted at what I saw a member of Congress doing,” Kelly said at a White House press briefing.

“A member of Congress who listened in on a phone call from the president of the United States to a young wife — and in his way tried to express that opinion that he’s a brave man, a fallen hero.”

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Kelly refused to call Wilson by name referring to her as “that woman.” 

“It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me,” Kelly said. “And I thought at least that was sacred.”

He added: “And when I listened to this woman and what she was saying and what she was doing on TV, the only thing I could do to collect my thoughts was to go and walk among the finest men and women on this earth, and you can always find them, because they’re in Arlington National Cemetery.”

There is “no perfect way to make that phone call,” Kelly said, disclosing that when he became chief of staff he had advised Trump not to make condolence calls to the grieving families “because it’s not the phone call that parents, family members are looking forward to.”

This is very interesting given that Kelly expressed no anger towards his boss who invoked Kelly’s dead son to lie and say that former President Obama never called Kelly when Kelly’s son died in the line of fire in Afghanistan back in 2010.

Twitter had a lot to say about Kelly’s remarks and the White House’s obsession with attacking Black women:


Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, said she overheard Trump’s insensitive comment during a conversation on Tuesday between Donald Trump and Army Sgt. La David Johnson‘s widow, Myeshia Johnson, as she traveled to meet her husband’s body. #45 allegedly told Myeshia, who is also six pregnant months pregnant with the couple’s third child, that her dead husband “he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts.”

Sgt Johnson, 25, was killed earlier this month in an ambush in Niger. He was one of four American soldiers killed.

Of course, the president denied Wilson’s claims and used Twitter to clear his name:“Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!”

Wilson defended her claims as did Johnson’s own mother who told the Washington Post that the President disrespected her son’s memory.

“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Cowanda Jones-Johnson told The Washington Post on Wednesday.

Jones-Johnson declined to go into exact details, but told the newspaper that Wilson’s account of the conversation was accurate.

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20 thoughts on “John Kelly Lashes Out At Frederica Wilson While Confirming Trump’s Comments

  1. Jhuf – I feel sorry for you! Hating black people actually means you hate yourself!! You hate being black don’t you! So said! Congresswoman Wilson didn’t eavesdrop- she was invited by the Widow! You may not like the method these female politicians get the word out to the public – but they get it out. But you are ok w/white folks treating these women as if they are not human. I hope you or your children are visited by the very same thing these women tirelessly fight to keep from happening to you and other Blacks. SMH!

    • Passing Through on said:

      This fool isn’t black, he pretends to be black he’s a white racist all day long. But yes he’s sick as all racist are.

  2. I just listened to Kelly’s news conference. He has the nerve to admonish the Congresswoman, he needs to admonish #45 the “person” he works with on daily basis for some of the low blows he pulls via twitter. Internet bullying at it finest. How can you not listen to a conversation when it is on speaker and if the widow didn’t want anyone to hear, she would not have done it. That press conference was shameful!

  3. Guest1 on said:

    As a veteran, I’m embarrassed that this general would stoop so low. As Leonard Jacobs stated, “The more Gen. John Kelly gets no apology from @realDonaldTrump for politicizing his son’s death, the more 2nd Lt. Robt Kelly died in vain.
    Kelly has lost all self respect.

    • As a US citizen I’m EMBARRESSED that this Rodeo Clown would stoop so low as to use this tragedy for her own selfish notoriety how cheap and disgusting

      • Guest1 on said:

        Until your sorry ass put your life on the line for this country like I did, your stupid opinion on anything military don’t mean shit.

      • Guest1 on said:

        Rodeo clown? Do some research before you open the empty done you call a head and droll out stupidity again. Who’s the liar here? Kelly is. Morphing into the orange monster and you wonder why it’s embarrassing even with the video proving he lied about congresswoman Wilson. But I know, you’re in the bubble and facts don’t matter. All that empty space you have. Research. Try it sometimes. It’s marvoulous!

  4. As Kelly said this isn’t the first time this this Rodeo Clown has politicized tragedy for her own aggrandizement Cynthia McKinney, Sheila J. Lee, my favorite Mad Maxine Waters and now the Mad Hatter what does this say about those that put and keep these hot ghetto messes in office,
    four examples of Plantation Overseer’s

    • What about the petulant child. The fake prez u worship and all the deplorable things he’s said and done,With his perdatorial ass? Gtfooh!!!!!!

      • so if you don’t mind her fake ass lies dementia and self-servitude why are you complaining to me?

  5. This person is a joke just like his fake boss. Why are so many ppl afraid to speak up, speak out, speak against this incompetent fake prez? Is it because They’re afraid he’s going to come back with an asinine tweet? He’s a petulant child, and he’s unfit to hold the office of president. Small (p).

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