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Stacy Francis announced that she feels Rihanna owes Chris Brown an apology after their infamous pre-Grammy brawl in 2009.

It’s been a while since anyone has even thought about Chris and Rihanna have even been spoken about in the same breath, but Stacy wanted everyone to know how she felt. More than eight years after the incident between Chris and Rihanna, Stacy was inspired to speak up after watching his Netflix documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life.

Unable to keep her thoughts to herself, Stacy hopped on her Facebook page to put up a long post about how she believes Rihanna has wronged Chris. She started an earlier version of the messaged, stating, “LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT FINALLY! RIHANNA WAS BEATING UP CHRIS BROWN!”

She went on to recount how she had listened to all of the updates about their altercation while visiting an entertainment attorney. In her memory, she only recalls hearing about what Chris did to Rihanna. This rubbed Stacy the wrong way because she felt the news was not giving the public the full story.

“WHAT HAD NOT BEEN REPORTED WAS!!! Rihanna had hit him and kicked him and thrown his phone out of the window in a jealous rage,” she wrote.

“We were told by an agent at CAA that he was being kicked by her and she scratched him and punched him in the face… and he retaliated. The next day it was all over the news that Chris had beat up Rihanna,” she continued. “It was never reported that she hit him. In several beatings by Rihanna. Chris never spoke of it. Until now in this documentary.”

The film upset Stacy becase she remembers how the public vilified Chris, swiftly withdrawing support for his career.

“I watched the public call for his career to be over. Never hearing the sides of both parties. I will never defend Chris for hitting her. But its disgusting how the public will hang someone out to dry and to death without knowing all the facts,” she criticized. “Rihanna never ever publicly took any responsibility for hitting Chris. She never said I am sorry. She just played the victim.”

In Stacy’s view the only reason Chris still has a career is because “the powers that be knew the truth. And because he is super talented!”

Rihanna is so busy with her beauty and fashion empire that it’s doubtful she spares Chris a thought these days. Stacy’s going to be waiting on the apology for a while.

Ummm…What? Stacy Francis Says Rihanna Needs To Apologize To Chris Brown was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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