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TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A white former Oklahoma police officer was convicted of first-degree manslaughter late Wednesday in the off-duty fatal shooting of his daughter’s black boyfriend after jurors in three previous trials couldn’t decide whether to find him guilty of murder.

Jurors deliberated about six hours before finding ex-Tulsa officer Shannon Kepler, 57, guilty of the lesser charge in the August 2014 killing of 19-year-old Jeremey Lake, who had just started dating Kepler’s then-18-year-old daughter, Lisa.

The jury recommended a sentence of 15 years in prison.

Lake’s death occurred four days before a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson on Aug. 9, 2014. Brown’s killing touched off months of protests and became a catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement, which decries police violence against minorities and calls for greater transparency from law enforcement officials, especially in cases of officer-involved shootings.

The issue of race had also become an undercurrent in each of Kepler’s previous three trials, with only one African-American being selected for each jury and accusations by civil rights activists that Kepler’s attorneys were purposely trying to exclude potential black candidates.

Another racial element had been recently added to the case when Kepler argued that he couldn’t be tried by state prosecutors because he’s a member of an American Indian tribe. A judge determined the fourth trial in less than a year could move forward in state court. Kepler says he’s 1/128th Muscogee (Creek).

Kepler’s attorneys said the 24-year-police veteran was trying to protect Lisa Kepler because she had run away from home and was living in a crime-ridden neighborhood. Defense attorney Richard O’Carroll said Lisa had been in and out of a homeless shelter after her father forbade her from bringing men home into the house.

Kepler told investigators Lake was armed and that he was acting in self-defense, but police didn’t find a weapon on Lake or at the scene. Kepler retired from the force after he was charged.

Prosecutors said Kepler first watched his daughter and Lake from his SUV before approaching them on the street. Lake’s aunt disputed Kepler’s self-defense account and has said her nephew was reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand to introduce himself when Kepler fired.

Jurors in the previous three trials had deadlocked 11-1, 10-2 and 6-6, forcing the judge to declare mistrials. Although they couldn’t agree on the murder charge, jurors in the first trial convicted Kepler of recklessly using his firearm.

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(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

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41 thoughts on “Jury Convicts Ex-Oklahoma Police Officer In 4th Murder Trial

  1. Passing Through on said:

    @Guest1 on October 20, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Amen! What black person hasn’t experienced some form of mistreatment by another black person just like whites have the same experiences from other whites but I won’t let that distort my view of the truth when it come to racism or justify racism by using white socialistic propaganda to criminalize black people.

  2. Passing Through on said:

    You say concentrate on something other than the color of a person’s skin, have you told the white race that? Because if you have , they dam sure ain’t listening. White people keep doing the same thing over and over again and they aren’t expecting different results, blacks aren’t either.
    @ Kenneth
    So true! Because racist are the problem always have been, even the self-hatred of blacks and “so called” BLACK ON BLACK crime stems from racism a system that they created. No matter how much these disillusioned negros keep defending racism by injecting the myth of BLACK ON BLACK CRIME into every conversation or BLACKS were the first slave owners, BLACKS treated me worse than whites. Deflecting racism by pointing out the flaws of the black race is a white tactic to avoid dealing with the real issue. White people have slaughtered indigenous people of almost every race, if you count all of the wars, Vietnam, the war Bush started looking or imaginary weapons of mass destruction. So what if black owned slaves, how does that justify cops killing unarmed black people? And yes, WHITE ON BLACK CRIME surpasses ALL BLACK ON BLACK CRIME combined, and if you count the systemic crimes committed against blacks like, selecting ALL WHITE juries in a black trials, poisoning the water in Flint, the response to hurricane Katrina, selling malt liquor filled with manganese poison in black neighborhoods. I don’t care how much the white power press keeps feeding the public the BLACK ON BLACK CRIME lie, don’t think for one minute that blacks are the only ones killing other black people.

  3. (kates1221) So you use a kid’s argument by saying “the very first slave owner was black”, That’s like saying , he started it !! I’ll have to check that, but even if that’s true so what? That makes it alright!?! Of course you were talking about present day occurrences because the last thing you want to bring up is the Black Wall Street Tulsa race riots of 1921 and The Rosewood Massacre of 1923 in Florida. So there’s no confusion.

    • It’s not an argument. It’s history. A fact. But just as I don’t hate all blacks because we owned slaves centuries ago, I don’t hate whites because they did either. I don’t hate a whole race of people because of what some do. If I did, I would hate black people. I’ve never been treated worse by any race of people than I’ve been treated by my own. But all black people aren’t the same, therefore I don’t feel the need to demonize all for the actions of a few. Same goes for any race of people. I don’t want to be treated that way, so I don’t treat people that way. I’m going to shut this argument down with a very simple rule that I try my hardest to live by. My skin is black, but I’m not a black person. Therefore, I choose to treat people the way I want to be treated. Regardless of skin color. Simple.

      • This article isn’t about you, yet, somehow you’ve made it about you. We’re pissed that it took four trials to convict this mofo because of a racist jury and then you go off on a tangent about leaving race out of out, worrying about the feelings of the girl, then about how you’re been treated by the black race, black on black crime, etc. Well, sorry that you had a bad experience with some black people. I’m definitely sure others feel differently because they’ve had bad experiences with white people, and haven’t been treated decent or fair. This was never about your feelings and people are not going to come together for a kum ba yah moment because you suggest we should all get along. Talk to me when it’s justice for all and not for some. Until then, maybe you should be talking to Dr. Phil because this is not the forum for hurt feelings.

      • Guest1 on said:

        That’s what we were trying to get out of you yesterday. All that bullshit nonsense you were talking. Now, today you don’t understand. You know full well what the hell I was talking about. Maybe you should keep it moving and quit digging. You’re only getting into deeper shit.

      • I believe I said in my last post that I was moving on. I don’t mind healthy debate, but when good, healthy conversation devolves into mindless, repetitive nonsense, I do just as I do when I’m talking to someone face to face. I step away. I voiced my opinion in the simplest way I know how. Nothing else to say. Now you can go in search of another bear to poke.

  4. Passing Through on said:

    race was the primary reason. So let’s not leave it out. There’s already too much shit swept under the carpet now because “it serves no purpose”, says you.
    @ Guest 1
    Thank you! Because this is about race, how in the hell can you talk around racism when it’s all about race! And this isn’t the first time a black man has lost his life dating a white girl. They mad at the black men while the white girls are more than willing participants. These white men have some perception that their white daughters are gold and it’s the black men who are corrupting them rather than seeing their women for what they are. Emmett Till lost his life for allegedly touching a white woman Carolyn Bryant who in February 2017 admitted that she lied to the FBI and got this child mutilated and murdered for no reason. And that’s the same attitude that all racist white men have today, they’re no different than the lynch mob that murdered Emmet Till. An NO we can’t take a break from telling the truth about and talking about racism or playing the “so called “ race card, because racism doesn’t take a break from killing us.

    • Racism didn’t kill this young man. A man killed him. And yeah it would be good to take a break from playing the race card game because the number of young black people being killed by white people is minuscule compared to the number of blacks being killed by other blacks. If we spent as much time trying to get to the root of that problem as we do sitting around beating our chests and howling at the moon when a black person is killed by a white person, we just may be concentrate on something other than the color of a person’s skin whenever someone loses their life. We keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Insanity.

      • Guest1 on said:

        Did you say whites killing blacks is minuscule?

        The largest slave trade in the history of the world was created by white Christian Europeans. Before it was over as many as 60 million Africans would be killed for the profit of white Christian imperialism.

        Please go have several seats.

      • Passing Through on said:

        He was killed by a MAN WHO WAS FULED BY RACISM, but this is so typical of “your type” deflecting racism by using the myth of black on black crime also manufactured and created by the white racist media. If you do your research you will find that a lot of these black on black crime statistics are inflated and exaggerated, like a 14 year old stealing his parent’s car was counted as black on black crime. A lot of these numbers are about how these racist ass police and FBI file crime data. If 3 people get shot in Chicago it will make headline news & the white media will recycle the story over and over again. This creates a sense of paranoia & fear in the black community, and then black people become mistrustful & fearful of each other. When President Obama was elected black crime dropped significantly and you NEVER heard racist say one damn word about that, and they will never tell you that because it doesn’t benefit their cause. The minute crime goes up they cherry pick the statistics that fit their narrative and report ALL of this black on black crime. We NEVER hear about the black players who sponsor summer programs or do charity work , or the 15 year old black kid who’s gets accepted to Harvard, or the black college student KEVEN STONEWALL making break through discoveries for colon cancer, DR. HADIYAH-NICOLE GREEN black female physicist developing laser technology to treat cancer Or AUGUSTA UWAMANZU-NNA Earns Admission at Every Single Ivy League College! They’ll never run those stories over and over again but they can tell you how many black people get shot over the weekend all F**king day long! BLACK ON BLACK crime is a symptom of racism, these are inferior minded blacks who have given up and bought into racist ass AMERIKKA’S stereotyped perception of black people, meanwhile minority black college enrolment has skyrocketed, black abortions rates down, teen pregnancy rates down, overall crime rates down, while the media keeps feeding us this black on black crime bulls**t!

      • I hear stories all the time about young blacks doing extraordinary things today, such as Jonathan Strickland. The youngest pilot ever hired to fly for UPS. This is one of the reasons why I don’t have as much cynicism about the condition of the black race. However, you have your opinion and I have mine about the way race is injected into every inch of a subject. I don’t think it’s necessary. As far as black people committing acts of violence against other blacks, every act of violence, disrespect and utter nastiness I’ve ever endured was at the hands of other blacks. So I’m not the one to expect to jump on the “I hate whitey train.” I don’t hate anyone. Including black people, even all the hell I’ve endured because of them. I have to live my life in a way that I believe in. I don’t believe in racism. I don’t believe in hatred of another because of the color of their skin. Not popular, I know. But I have to live my life in a way that ensures I don’t live with regret and sorrow at the end of my journey.

      • Are you kidding me !?! Even if you combined all the races together ……. they could not equal or even come close to the number of blacks that were murdered by white people. We already KNOW the root of the problem, white people think the world belongs to them and they are superior to everyone else, so their solution is to murder those who they feel threaten by. I see you try to deflect from the story as usual with the blacks kill blacks comment, but you conveniently left out the fact that in each race they kill each other, in other words, whites kill whites, asians kill asians, indians kill indians , etc. And that still doesn’t come close to the number of blacks killed by whites. You say concentrate on something other than the color of a person’s skin, have you told the white race that? Because if you have , they dam sure ain’t listening. White people keep doing the same thing over and over again and they aren’t expecting different results, blacks aren’t either.

    • On second thought, scrap that last post. As I said as far as I’m concerned the conversation is shut down. I couldn’t have made it any simpler. Carry on with someone who doesn’t mind going around and around and around. Movin’ on.

  5. stephanie Jones on said:

    What a soulless piece of shit, what a coward, now he is trying to hide behind being a member of an American Indian tribe,he’s 1/128th Muscogee. I hope this maggot it tortured in jail for the rest of his hateful life

  6. Passing Through on said:

    And it’s absolutely shameful that it took 4 times to convict this animal of murder when he clearly shot that young man in cold blood. These racist will never convict one of their own for killing someone black. The fact Jeremey was unarmed and not posing a threat should have been enough for a guilty verdict the first time around. It should be a law when you have a case like this that has racial undertones the jury should be split down the middle with 6 whites and 6 blacks. They know good and god dam well they won’t get a conviction with 12 racist in the jury box. Kepler was mad because his daughter, like most of them was probably a ho, white freak who like getting turned out by black men. I knew bytches like that in high school. Then the parents are mad and the boy because your daughter can’t keep her legs closed.
    And it’s unfortunate that this brother lost his life over a white girl and I’m sure he knew that this man hated his guts and didn’t want him dating his daughter, he should have stayed away from her.

      • Kates1221 – why are you on this site??? I do not agree with all of Passing Through’s statement – but you utterly and completely are antagonistic and divisive in ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS!!!

      • If you think my comments are antagonistic and divisive, then you’re not comprehending what I’m trying to convey. As far as why I’m on this site, it’s for the same reason you are. Just because I don’t happen to agree with everything being said and not everyone understands the reasons for my comments, doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to express my opinions on this site or any other site.

      • Passing Through on said:

        My understanding of this situation has nothing to do with whether the girl was white or black, the FACT IS Jeremy was murdered because he’s a BLACK MALE dating WHITE GIRL (not a black girl) who has a WHITE RACIST FATHER, that’s why he’s dead! And it took 4 times to get a racist ass jury to finally give him justice when this white man clearly shot him in cold blood. This case has racism all around it whether you chose to acknowledge it or not. And had Kepler been black and shot Jeremy, an unarmed black teenager for no reason yes, I would still want his black ass put in jail just the same as the white racist. And yes, it’s a tragedy that his young man lost his life dating some white girl with a racist ass father and he probably knew her daddy was a racist. So I more than understand, did that answer your question?

      • I agree with you that this court case has racism written all over it. I also believe young Mr. Lake was killed because the father didn’t want his daughter dating a black man and killed Mr. Lake instead of dealing with his daughter. However, I have to say that it would never have occurred to me to make a statement about the race of the young woman when expressing sadness about Mr. Lake being killed. Sometimes, race just needs to left out of the conversation. It serves no purpose.

      • Guest1 on said:

        This was a hate crime. This young black man was murdered by a racist white man because he didn’t want his white daughter dating a black man, and for no other reason than that. Why leave out race when his race was the primary reason for the murder. White girl, black guy. If the man was beating the girl and daddy got mad, true, race would have nothing do to with it, but in this case, race was the primary reason. So let’s not leave it out. There’s already too much shit swept under the carpet now because “it serves no purpose”, says you.

      • Everything you say is true. However, It’s unfortunate that this young man was killed period. It’s ok to take a break from playing the race card game. It doesn’t show disrespect or dishonor. And think about this. This young lady probably feels a good amount of guilt because of what her ignorant father did. Evidently, she’s not a racist. But I imagine she’s had to endure being blamed for this young man’s death by many. As I said, it doesn’t hurt to take a break from playing the race card game sometimes. Sometimes, for the sake of civility, just a word of condolence is enough. Just my opinion.

      • Guest1 on said:

        First off, this shit isn’t a game and no one is playing anything. It’s fact. Let’s not also forget that it was his race that got him killed. I’m trying to see where you’re coming from, however, maybe you shouldn’t be so condescending or patronizing in trying to school us on what is warranted in a case such as this. I don’t know if you’re white, black, red, yellow or what, it really doesn’t matter to me, but black people know all too well about our brothers and sisters being murdered because of the color of our skin. Don’t think we don’t feel the heartache when a black man gets murdered for any reason. It’s still a hard pill to swallow when it’s done because of the color of one’s skin color. I don’t think we should turn the other cheek and just say our condolences. Not today. As for the white girl, can’t feel for her. She’ll get over her sadness and live to date, marry and someday maybe have children. Mr. Lake won’t. So please miss me with the not mentioning the girl’s race, or how bad she feels, and how we should just focus on Mr. Lake and say how sorry we feel for his family.

      • I agree with you. I think everyone feels for Mr. Lake’s family, which is why if this were my son, and I was reading comments on his behalf, prayers, condolences and wishes for strength and peace is what would I hope to see. Not the fact that he was killed because he dated a white girl. Say what you will, but a little decorum, civility, and decency will never do harm. I can’t imagine losing a child and hearing nothing but negativity, hate, and talk of race. As for the young lady he was dating, she didn’t do anything wrong. She’s human too. I’d bet he wouldn’t want her being punished for what her father did.

  7. White men have the audacity to become upset whenever a black man date and marry white women. White men are the ones who started the “race-mixing” by raping black women and black girls and got them pregnant during slavery. Such racist hypocrites!

  8. Well it’s about time a racist cop is finally getting put behind bars. I too, hope he is put in the general population and let’s see how tough this devil is without his gun!

  9. Guest1 on said:

    And this is why people are kneeling due to this kind of injustice. It took four trials to convict this 1/128th Muscogee (Creek) aka MUSKRAT. I refuse to believe the prosecutor did such a horrible job that they couldn’t convince 12 jurors in three trials to find this man guilty. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that white jurors refused to do the right thing in three of those trials to have this man convicted. And this is also why BLACK LIVES MATTER. Talking about a white man, a police officer at that, who is supposed to stand for law and order, and held to a higher standard than the average man, who murders a black man because his white daughter is dating him. Karma will come back to haunt them all for living a soulless life. All of them will be asking for forgiveness on their death beds when death comes knocking at their door. It’s closer than they think.

  10. This turd should’ve been charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER.
    He must have had an all-white jury that felt sorry for his dumbass.

    I hope he is placed in GP where he can receive some good ole street justice
    from some brotha’s!!!!!!!!

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